Somewhere To Hide (The Estate Series Book 1) By Mel Sherratt


Book Description:

With the death of her husband and a tragic secret she is desperate to bury, Cath Mason opens her home to young women who need a roof over their head and a sympathetic ear. From victims of domestic violence to drug addicts, no woman is beyond Cath’s helping hand. The only problem? She lives on the notorious Mitchell Estate, where temptation and trouble lurk on every corner.

When malicious notes are posted through her door, precious things go missing and a homeless teenager is found murdered, Cath reckons it’s just part of daily life on the estate. But when those she cares about most fall prey to violence, she begins to suspect her past mistakes are catching up with her.

Can Cath finally confront her own troubled history before it engulfs not only her but also the women struggling to rebuild their lives?

SOMEWHERE TO HIDE is the first book in The Estate Series.

My Thoughts:

Having read the Allie Shenton series by the same author and having heard lots of great things about The Estate series, I had to give them a try and all I can say is OMG!!!

Somewhere to Hide is the first book in the series and as the series name suggests the novel is set on an estate that is rife with crime.

As with wherever you live, there are good and bad areas as well as good and bad people. Unfortunately the estate seems to have its fair share of bad.

Cath is a wonderful character, having lost her husband she opens her home up to help a whole array of victims of different crimes and abuse.

I honestly do not know what I expected when I picked up this book, but I have to say it is way better than what I could have ever imagined. The author had me hooked from the very first page. She then took me on a journey that at times had me on the edge of my seat and that was emotional in places. I really was not expecting the twists and surprises that were in store for me whilst reading this book which just made the whole journey so much more interesting.

There are quite a few characters in the story, which the main ones, along with Cath all live with her. They all have their own problems that they need to deal with and face, and the reader can not help but to have great empathy for them.

I honestly can not recommend Somewhere to Hide highly enough. The author brings home the devastating effects that certain crimes leave their victims with and it makes for an emotional and gripping read throughout. Can not wait to read the next one.


Somewhere to Hide is available to purchase from Amazon

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