Fighting for Survival (The Estate #3) By Mel Sherratt


Book Description:

When Caren Williams finds herself back on the estate she fought so hard to get away from, little does she realise she’ll be living opposite her arch-enemy, Gina Bradley. Gina thinks she and her family rule Stanley Avenue so when Caren starts to become popular, she decides to hit her where it will hurt the most – she wants her husband.

Lonely and depressed, Ruth Millington turns to drinking and self-harm to get her through the dark times but finds it’s a constant struggle. Spiralling out of control, maybe she should let Gina’s husband help her out when he comes calling.

Twins, Rachel and Claire Bradley, took control of the girl-gang, the Mitchell Mob, when their leader was sent to juvie for assault. But Stacey Hunter is out now and wants to hold the position again. No one will back down – let battle commence.

Brawling in the street, fighting on the square and conforming to peer pressure – it all comes down to holding your nerve. But this time not everyone will stay alive on the notorious Stanley Avenue…

My Thoughts:

Fighting For Survival is the third book in The Estate series and as with the other books in the series, can easily be read as a stand alone.

In this novel the story concentrates mainly on Gina and her family and even though they have been mentioned briefly in the previous books, up until now we did not really know much about them.

This is one family you would just steer well clear of. A son who is doing time, twin girls who never seem to be far away from any trouble that is going on in the estate, a husband who can’t keep a certain something in his trousers and has never done an honest days work in his life, then we come to Gina, who as a mother, just seems to live in a world of her own and doesn’t want to believe that any of her family are capable of doing anything wrong.

When Caren and her husband John move back to the estate though, Gina is a wash with a whole array of emotions. She is very much jealous of what Caren and John have, she wants to better herself but nothing seems to go right.

As with the other novels in the series, the author really touches on some tough topics of every day life. I have to admit I did not realise when I started this book what an emotional journey it would take me on. At one part I had tears streaming down my face, that is how much the story got under my skin. Yes the Mitchell Estate may be a work of fiction but the everyday events that take place on there sadly are not.

As a parent, Fighting For Survival really got to me. Through Ruth, another tenant and Ginas daughters, Claire and Rachel, it really makes me want to give my children that one extra hug and hold them that much tighter.

I have to say I absolutely love this series. It really is that brilliant. It is very current and sadly very true to life. I really would love to see this as a series on television, I know it would be a big hit with viewers.


Fighting For Survival is available to purchase from Amazon

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