To Catch A Butterfly By T.M.Payne


Book Description:

Stevie Buchanan’s family has a secret.

Catherine Stone has a secret.

Stevie knows nothing. Catherine knows everything.

Set between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, this is the story of an innocent life thrown into the deep.

When their worlds collide and the real truth is laid bare, no one could have imagined how very dark the secret really is.

As Stevie grows from a curious little girl into a strong young woman, the secret is revealed. And so her journey begins. A journey that takes her to Catherine’s door.

My Thoughts:

To Catch a Butterfly is a story full of mystery and suspense.

It is a steady read that the further I got into it the more hooked I became. I have to admit at the start of the story I thought it was okay but by the time I was half way through I literally could not put this book down and by the end I absolutely loved it.

Stevie (short for Stephanie) is a character that I really took to my heart. Due to Marie her mother, Stevie has a very difficult childhood. I think the only thing that really keeps her going is the lovely friendship that she has with her best friend Adam.

There are quite a few twists in this story which I really was not expecting and as Stevie gets older, certain things that have been kept hidden from her all start to come tumbling out.

You really can not help but feel for Stevie, she is a child that any parent should be proud of, she hasn’t had the best of childhoods and then she is faced with the fact that her whole life she has been lied to and has to work out where to go from that point on.

To Catch a Butterfly is the authors debut novel and I for one can not wait to read more by her.

I have awarded this book 4.5/5 stars.

To Catch A Butterfly is available to purchase from Amazon

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