Apostle by Lacey Crowe


Book Description:

Benji is plagued with an insatiable need to kill. By artistically displaying the corpses of his victims, he relishes in the belief he is immortalizing them while he feeds his inner monster. But the life of a serial killer is a lonely one, and sixteen-year-old drifter Beth has sparked in him a desire to fulfill the role of pernicious mentor. Benji teaches Beth to harness the thrill of human fear, to dominate, and to kill. As their partnership grows into a profound friendship, spanning three years, Beth begins to desire a deeper connection with the inept sociopath. The fantasy of romance seemingly one-sided, heartbroken Beth goes rogue. Set in Ontario in the early 1970s, when feminists, hippies and environmentalists swarmed; when peace was at the forefront and trust in a fellow stranger was normal, Beth has no idea how much danger she is in.

Forced into a karmic situation, the story becomes one of consequence, repentance and self-realization.

My Thoughts:

I probably have to start by saying that Apostle really will not be everyone’s cup of tea. To be honest it could probably do with some sort of warning on it for containing quite graphic violence.

The story itself started off quite slowly and felt slightly that it was written with young adults in mind as well as adults, in my opinion though, this book is definitely not suitable for readers under the age of 16. Apart from the beginning of the story though the rest of it certainly does feel like it is more for the adult audience.

Benji is basically a serial killer, he gets his kicks out of killing unsuspecting victims. The only feelings he really gets is when he is finding his newest victim and killing them. That all changes though when he meets Beth. From the moment he meets Beth he knows that he should kill her but for some strange reason he can’t go through with it.

Beth is quite a damaged character and because she finds Benji intriguing, she allows him to bring her darker side to the surface and let him teach her to become a killer also.

It takes Beth to disappear for Benji to realise that he has fallen in love with her. The time that the two of them spend apart makes them both take a long serious look into who they are and what they are doing.

The author goes quite a bit into detail when Benji and Beth go on their killing sprees but I actually found that nothing to later on in the novel when the author throws a very unexpected twist in. I actually found that I was pushed out of my comfort zone at times when reading this novel. Some parts were a bit to graphic for my liking and made for uncomfortable reading. The sad thing is though that in reality killers are very much at large and some of the horrific acts that they perform on their victims that we read in fiction books is sadly true to life. In Benji and Beth we very much get to delve into the dark and twisted mind of a killer.

Apostle is actually a very well written novel. It is a very dark, highly disturbing and chilling read that in parts I found quite horrific yet it truly captivated me. It certainly isn’t a novel for everyone but I think for fans of this genre in particular it will be a big hit.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Apostle is available to purchase from Amazon

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