Get Even By Martina Cole


Book Description:

The twenty-second novel from Sunday Times No.1 bestseller, Martina Cole, author of DANGEROUS LADY, THE TAKE, THE GOOD LIFE and many more…
Playing grown-ups, the future is theirs for the taking.
Sharon Conway and Lenny Scott are childhood sweethearts. Everyone says they are too young, but nothing can keep them apart. Sharon doesn’t question Lenny’s business dealings and it isn’t long before his reputation as a hard man destined for the top means they are living the good life with their sons.
It leaves a stain on her heart for ever.
But one night Lenny doesn’t come home. It isn’t the first time he has gone AWOL. But it is his last. He is found murdered – beaten to death in an act of brutality that shocks even the police. And Sharon never knows why.
Old wounds will surface.
Now, twenty years later, Sharon is about to find out the truth. Such a crime cannot go unpunished. Revenge is long overdue. The time has come to…

My Thoughts:

This is the first of Martina Cole books I’ve read. She was actually doing a book signing in a nearby shopping centre so thought I would treat myself to a hardback signed copy of her new book.

I’ve heard lots of great things about her books, especially her earlier ones, so was very interested to find out for myself what they were like.

Get Even centres on Sharon Conway, an attractive woman who has only ever wanted the love of a good man and to raise a family. She thinks she has hit the jackpot with Lenny but then she discovers something about him that rocks her world.

The whole story brought to mind the Kray twins for me due to obvious similarities and is a life style that has always fascinated me.

There are various different types of relationships going on, i.e lovers, family, friends, work etc. Loyalty is certainly a very big issue for the characters in their love lives as well as their working lives in this novel and it certainly makes for some interesting reading.

One character I was drawn to is Reggie. He is a solid character that I cared and worried about. I found his relationship with Sharon very intriguing as these are two people that really shouldn’t like each other but yet because of one person it has drawn them together.

Sharon, even though I liked her, she frustrated me. It’s obvious she knows what is going on with the men in her life, yet to keep the lifestyle she wants, even though overall she isn’t happy, she is content enough to turn a blind eye. I just found her quite a weak character and would have liked to have seen her with more of a back bone a lot earlier in the story.

Get Even I found to be a very easy read due to the very short chapters. The over use of certain words though like ‘darling’ I did find irritating as well as Sharon calling Lenny and Reggie ‘mate’ which for me personally just didn’t work. Over all though, Get Even was a quick and enjoyable read and would certainly read more by the author, though very intrigued to try her earlier ones.

I have awarded this book 3.5/5 stars,

Get Even is available to purchase from Amazon

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