Sworn Secret By Amanda Jennings


Book Description:

When Anna, Lizzie Thorne’s charismatic sister, is killed in a tragic fall from the roof of her school, her family is devastated. One year on and grief still has a hold on them.

Kate, Anna’s mother, has retreated from her family and is desperate to find someone to blame for her daughter’s death. Her father, Jon, is doing his best to care for his family but the pressure of holding his marriage together is pushing him to breaking point. Amid her parents’ turmoil, Lizzie, Anna’s younger sister, just wants to leave her sister’s ghost in the past and find happiness again.

But then a devastating revelation begins to raise questions concerning what really happened the night Anna died. Whilst Kate and Jon grapple with Anna’s emerging secrets, Lizzie dives headlong into a passionate, but forbidden, first love affair.

As the family battle to regain their footing they realise it’s the love they have for each other that has the power to finally heal them.

My Thoughts:

First of all I have to say thank you to Sophie @reviewedthebook.co.uk and the author as I won a signed copy of this book on Sophies blog.

I haven’t actually read any of this authors books before and I believe that Sworn Secret was her debut novel. After reading Sworn Secret this is an author whose books I will certainly be reading more of.

Sworn Secret is very much a story of loss and facing up to the past to be able to move on and heal.

Kate is eaten up with the loss of her eldest daughter Anna, a year after the tragic event and she still hasn’t been able to move forward. She is very much consumed with the pain and loss that she feels so much so that she can barely function. This obviously has a knock on affect with her loved ones who are trying to cope also.

During a memorial at the school, it becomes obvious to Kate that there maybe more to her daughters death and Annas friend Rebecca seems to hold all the answers. From this point onwards the revelations of lies and deceit just keep coming. It made for some shocking and tense reading.

I loved Lizzies character in this novel, she’s only fifteen and since her sisters death, she has had a lot to deal with. She still has to go to the same school that Anna did which is a constant reminder of how she died, she also isn’t getting the love and support that she so desperately craves from her mum so when she decides to go see Hayden, he seems to be the answer to all her problems.

My only niggle with this book is that there seems to be a question mark over Anna’s death which is never fully answered. I am one of those readers that likes everything to be laid out in front of me and not left to my imagination, if it hadn’t have been for that I would have definitely given this book the full 5 stars.

I have awarded this book 4.5/5 stars.

Sworn Secret is available to purchase from Amazon

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