On Devil’s Brae: A Dark Minds Novel By Faith Mortimer

19516960Book Description:

On Devil’s Brae: A Psychological Thriller… Imagine a warm autumn afternoon in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands. Cassandra Potter, fleeing from the memories of two traumatic deaths, goes walking alone on Devil’s Brae. The wild country is empty, stretching for miles in every direction, it is then she sees him. A dark brooding figure, standing and watching as Cassandra climbs the brae. Apart from a lingering uneasy feeling she ignores the watcher, until the next time and it is then she realises her mistake. Someone wishes her gone from the village – at all costs. Cassandra’s life is plunged into danger. Who is threatening her existence and her sanity? Who is the mysterious stranger? An inhabitant of the village of Inverdarroch? Or a person from her clouded past? Above all, why is this happening to her? Faith is also the author of the bestselling Diana Rivers mystery suspense series, including, The Assassins’ Village, Children of the Plantation, The Surgeon’s Blade, Camera Action Murder! and Childhunt. Finally, Faith shows she loves a good romance…with A Very French Affair, The Seeds of Time and Harvest, and “On Christmas Hill – A Seasonal Affair.”

My Thoughts:

On Devil’s Brae is the first book in the authors Dark Minds series.

The novel is set in the Scottish Highlands which through the authors descriptions, very much brought the area to life in my mind. Though the scenery may sound stunning it also felt very cold and eerie. So definitely a great place for the setting of a psychological thriller.

I have loved the authors Diana Rivers series and to me she is very much a modern day Agatha Christie, I always thought there was a dark edge to her books which fully comes out in On Devils Brae.

Cassandra has had a bit of a rough time with not long finding out she has a much older sister only to have her cruelly taken away from her before she can really get to know her. Even though her friends are dubious, Cassandra decides to retreat to Susan’s home in the Highlands in the hope of getting to know more about her sister as well as just taking some time out from life in general.

The people in the few houses that are dotted around near Susan’s house are really quite strange. They all seem to have something to hide and they are not as welcoming as Cassandra would have hoped for. At least the handsome Angus seems quite normal but even he seems to be harbouring some dark secret.

On Devil’s Brae is a dark, tense and steady read which really picks up pace towards the end. There are so many twists and turns towards the end, I honestly didn’t know if I was coming or going but I loved every minute of it. Can not wait to read more in the Dark Minds series.

256px-5-star-rating-logo-696680On Devil’s Brae is available to purchase from Amazon



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