Behind A Twisted Smile (Dark Minds Psychological Thriller Book 2) By Faith Mortimer


Book Description:

Behind a Twisted Smile (A Dark Minds Mystery Suspense Thriller)

What do you do when an ex-lover won’t take no for an answer? Moya thinks Martyn will eventually take the hint, but the rejected lover has no such intention.

Three weeks later, Moya meets her older sister, Evie, at a picnic and learns she has recently met the man of her dreams. Only problem is, he’s Moya’s spurned ex.

Almost at once, Moya finds herself in a long and terrifying ordeal; she has to deal with an adversary who loves playing sinister mind games.

As the months slip away, the mental battles with Martyn move insidiously towards physical conflict. A conflict where only one person will step away…. alive…

My Thoughts:

Behind a Twisted Smile is the second book in the Dark Mind series. There is no need to have read the first one as they are both stand alone novels, though after reading this one I am pretty certain you will want to read Devil’s Brae which is the first.

I have to say Faith really got the adrenalin coursing through me with this book. I’m not a violent person but by heck did I want to give quite a few characters a really good slap for being so blind.

Moya is a very independent lady and after catching her new boyfriend Martyn snooping on her computer she has no problem in sending him packing. Moya thinks she has seen the last of him until her older sister Evie introduces her new boyfriend to her.

From this point on, Moyas whole life just spirals downwards. Martyn very quickly wins all her family and friends round so that he has everyone believing that Moya is taking the break up badly and it is him that ended it with her.

Martyn is one character that the reader will dislike from the start and to be honest by the end I just felt pure hatred for the horrible man that he really is.

It was so frustrating as only the reader and Moya could see Martyn for who he really is and I often had to stop myself from screaming and shouting at my kindle at the injustice that Moyas friends and family were showing her.

Behind a Twisted Smile is one seriously twisted read. I honestly thought I had found all my favourite reads from this year but this one has just jumped right up there with the others.

If you love psychological thrillers this is one that is an absolute must read.


Behind a Twisted Smile is available to purchase from Amazon

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