The Green Room (“Dark Minds” Psychological Thrillers Book 3) by Faith Mortimer


Book Description:

The Green Room by Faith Mortimer

Ella, a thirty-five year old nurse, believes she has a good life: no money worries, a job she enjoys, a gorgeous apartment and an undemanding boyfriend…until one fateful evening when everything changes.
A young woman is found raped and strangled near Ella’s home. The latest victim in a serial killer’s rampage across Surrey.
Ella’s boyfriend Michael, a police constable on the team conducting the investigations of the crime, pleads with Ella to be vigilant at all times…the killer is bound to strike again.
When a handsome, enigmatic stranger rents the empty apartment above Ella, the brutal death toll rises…but against her better judgement, Ella doesn’t listen to her boyfriend’s warnings about strangers until it is far too late…
She is convinced that there must be a connection between the murdered women, and for some reason it is all linked to the Green Room…

My Thoughts:

The Green Room is the third novel in the authors Dark Minds series. All three books can be read as stand alone’s and do not need to be read in any order.

As with all Faith’s books, as soon as I pick one up I know I won’t be able to put it down until I have finished it. The Green Room after an extremely sinister and disturbing opening chapter was certainly no different.

Ella has just started her two week leave from work and is hoping to get on with decorating her flat. In a way I quite envied Ella’s life, she’s a nurse, she has been given a spacious flat with great views by her parents (though it is in the same building that her parents live in also), she has a policeman for a boyfriend, a work colleague that has the hots for her and a nice but intriguing new guy has just rented the flat opposite to her. Unfortunately for Ella though, Michael the policeman just doesn’t ignite anything in her and after a row she decides to call time on their relationship. Liam her work colleague is nice but doesn’t do it for her either. Tim the new tenant though certainly sparks her interest. Only problem for Ella is though, with the ‘Surrey Punisher’ very much at large in the area she doesn’t know who she can trust.

The Green Room is certainly a dark and thrilling read. Faith certainly likes to play with the readers mind through out the novel. Just as we think we are getting closer to finding out who the murderer is, she throws a little twist in so we are back to square one again wondering who it could be.

The Dark Minds series is the perfect read for any true psychcological thriller fans.

Many thanks to the author for an Advanced Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


The Green Room is out today and available to purchase from Amazon

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