Fragments by Stephen Edger


Book Description:

Following an argument with her parents, 15 year old Freya Coleman storms out of the house. In tears, she goes to meet the only person who understands her: Robbie, the nice guy she’s been chatting to online. She doesn’t return home.

A teenager’s body is found in a Southampton park. She is gaunt, bruised, and barely breathing. She is rushed to hospital, but has been so badly abused that doctors fear her fragmented memory may never recover. When another girl is reported missing a day later, D.I. White of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team fears Freya’s attacker has struck again.

With White’s team focused on finding the new missing teenager, Freya’s parents hire Private Investigator Johnson Carmichael to find the person who abducted their daughter. The family has a secret they can’t tell the police, and it might just lead Carmichael to ‘Robbie’.

Mystery, suspense, abduction, and terror: Fragments is an emotive, thrilling whodunit from the best-selling author of Snatched and Remorse.

My Thoughts:

Fragments is the third novel in the P.I.Johnson Carmichael series, it is also the first novel I have read by this author.

I personally do think it would be beneficial to have read the previous books first, only because I don’t think there was enough of the characters background or a description of them so felt like I was missing out slightly. The over use of the word man and like gave me the indication that the main character was a geordie but this wasn’t confirmed until quite far on into the story, also the image I had in my head of him didn’t fit when I realised where he had been born. Saying that though it didn’t really affect my overall reading experience as the storyline was really good.

From the first chapter I was well and truly gripped. The whole storyline of missing Freya suddenly turning up a year after she had been abducted was one that had my interest straight away. Only problem is, due to the trauma that Freya has suffered, she is unable to help the police with there enquiries which, after another girl goes missing, it is very much a race against time to try and find her and catch the monster before he inflicts any more horrendous crimes on another young innocent.

One thing I had gathered quite quickly about Johnson is his commitment phobia. As a couple of the characters describe him in the novel, he is very much a lone ranger. He does quite well at pretending to be a good partner but his work will always come first prior to anything else in his life.

Fragments without a doubt will have the reader hooked straight away. The story makes for a fast paced and tense reading experience. Due to the storyline it does make for an uncomfortable read in parts but the author skill fully gives the reader enough information without going into to much detail of the  horrors that Freya had to face.

The perfect read for fans of crime thrillers and I for one will certainly be making a point of reading the first two in the series.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Fragments is out today and is available to purchase from Amazon.


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