Positively Murder: A Psychological Thriller (The Adam Stanley Series Book 2) by Netta Newbound


Book Description:

For Melissa May, happily married to Gavin for the best part of thirty years, life couldn’t get much better. Her world is ripped apart when she discovers Gavin is HIV positive. The shock of his duplicity and irresponsible behaviour re-awakens a psychiatric condition Melissa has battled since childhood. Fuelled by rage and a heightened sense of right and wrong, Melissa takes matters into her own hands.
Homicide detective Adam Stanley is investigating what appear to be several random murders. When evidence comes to light, linking the victims, the case seems cut and dried and an arrest is made. However, despite all the damning evidence, including a detailed confession, Adam is certain the killer is still out there. Now all he has to do is prove it.

My Thoughts:

As soon as I pick up a novel written by this author I know I’m in for an enjoyable reading experience.

Positively Murder is the second book in the Adam Stanley series. It would help to have read the first in the series though the author gives the reader enough information from the previous one so you wouldn’t feel to lost in the story if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading the first novel to start with.

Even though Adam Stanley is a detective, the series doesn’t really have the feel of a normal crime novel. The author seems to prefer to play with the readers minds and to shock them. It definitely feels more like a psychological thriller than a crime thriller. I think mainly this is because the story focuses mainly on Melissa than it does on Adam.

My heart really went out to Melissa in the story, I mean if it wasn’t bad enough to find out her husband is HIV positive she has to deal with a whole array of shocks and surprises that come one after another, so to be honest it wasn’t a surprise that all that she was having to cope with finally throws her over the edge and sees her struggling to keep sane.

Gavin right from the start I didn’t like him. You would have thought being diagnosed with HIV would put a stop to his extra marital affairs but sadly not. He is a very selfish character and to be honest I would have been quite happy for Adam just to have let him go down for the crimes he was being accused off.

Netta’s novels are always relatively quick reads for me as I she draws the readers straight in from the start. The storyline is always one that grabs my attention and I know once I start one of her books I won’t be putting it down until I’ve finished it.

Netta Newbound is definitely not an author for the faint hearted but if you love to be shocked and thrilled then I highly recommend reading her books.


Positively Murder is available to purchase from Amazon.

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