Ordinary Joe by Jon Teckman


Book Description:

A brilliant, fast-paced comedy about what happens when all of your dreams become true.

What would you do if…

…you were happily married

…with two gorgeous children

…and the most gorgeous film star in the world walked up to you

…And it wasn’t a joke.

…Could you resist?

Joe West, accountant, father and husband is just your average guy who has just walked into that dream scenario. Except the dream sours fast and suddenly everything he holds dear is on the line.

Sometimes life is crazier than the movies.

My Thoughts:

Ordinary Joe is probably not an obvious choice of book for me but after meeting the author at a blogger and author meet up, he very kindly gave me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

Joe West is just your typical average man. In fact everything about him is pretty average, his height, his weight, his looks, like I said pretty much everything. He is married with two children and is just your stereo typical average male.

Joe is fairly happy with his life and there’s probably nothing of his personal life that he would change. Unfortunately that all comes under threat when he meets Olivia, a stunningly beautiful and famous actress. I am sure for many of us it would be a dream come true to sleep with someone so attractive and famous, well for Joe it becomes a reality and from then on in Joe’s nightmare begins.

Olivia is a total fruit cake and Joe fears for his marriage and his job as he can’t see how he is going to keep it quiet. Fortunately for Joe, Olivia has him mixed up with another of his work colleagues due to a business card.

Now Joseph Bennett, Joe’s work colleague is everything that Joe isn’t. He started the same day as Joe but is a bit of a high flyer, he works hard but also likes to play hard and is more than happy to take advantage of working away and sleeping with lots of women. He is very arrogant and to be honest when Olivia is bombarding him with texts and emails and he is getting a hard time off his bosses as it could jeopardise them a big client, well I have to say I enjoyed it. Even though he denies sleeping with the actress, due to his past history, no one believes him, even his wife. Towards the end though I did feel really sorry for him and felt bad for being so hard on his character. The whole scenario of Joe and Joseph’s lives felt a bit like the film Trading Places, as Joseph once a high flyer who has it all starts to lose everything whilst Joe’s life is set to become a lot better one being offered Joseph’s post in the company with a nice pay rise.

Ordinary Joe is an intellectual and witty read. It is very much a story of digging yourself into a hole and instead of getting yourself out of it, you dig yourself deeper and deeper into it. The whole storyline had me going through a whole array of feelings. The two front teeth incident especially made me laugh, especially the short chapter where Joe’s wife likens him to Hannibal Lector. I have to say the story did not end how I had expected it to and one event that happened near the end totally shocked me, yet it made the book better for it being in there. Even though Ordinary Joe, like me, may not be your obvious reading choice I would certainly recommend taking a chance on this book as I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Ordinary Joe is available to purchase from Amazon.

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