The Cabinetmaker by Alan Jones


Book Description:

The Cabinetmaker, Alan Jones’ first novel, tells of one man’s fight for justice when the law fails him. Set in Glasgow from the late nineteen-seventies through to the current day, a cabinetmaker’s only son is brutally murdered by a gang of thugs, who walk free after a bungled prosecution.

It’s young Glasgow detective John McDaid’s first murder case. He forms an unlikely friendship with the cabinetmaker, united by a determination to see the killers punished, their passion for amateur football, and by John’s introduction to a lifelong obsession with fine furniture.

This is the story of their friendship, the cabinetmaker’s quest for justice, and the detective’s search for the truth.

This unusual crime thriller contains some Glasgow slang and a moderate amount of strong language.

My Thoughts:

The Cabinetmaker is the authors debut novel and though not as fast paced as I would normally expect from a crime thriller, it is still one that I enjoyed very much.

The story is set in Glasgow and spans nearly over thirty years. Though the story centres on detective John McDaid, it doesn’t actual feel like your standard crime novels.

Through Patricks murder, his dad Francis and John strike up a life long friendship. For Francis I think John becomes almost like a surrogate son. He is happy to pass on his knowledge of furniture making and John very much enjoys spending his free time with him. Their friendship was very heart warming to read and my heart very much went out to Francis for the loss of his son. I think what was worse was that even though they had caught the culprits, due to a technicality they were all released, so Francis and his wife never got the satisfaction of seeing them punished for their crimes.

From the start Francis has been very much interested in the findings by the police from that devastating night and to a certain extent he does abuse his friendship with John to get information a civilian would normally not be entitled to. John is only to happy to help though and to keep him up to date with any information as he thinks Francis though obviously devastated is handling his loss relatively well.

When Francis dies unexpectedly John is devastated. Clearing out the house ready for it to go up for sale, John begins to realise that he may not have known Francis as well as he thought he did.

As I mentioned earlier, The Cabinetmaker isn’t your usual fast paced crime thriller, the story slowly unfolds and I did worry that I might start getting restless, I didn’t though as the story was so intriguing and I actually enjoyed the pace that the author set as I think when everything is revealed to us later on, I could appreciate more the position that it left John in as I could fully understand the relationship that him and Francis had.

A good debut with quite a few surprises and will certainly be reading more by this author.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

The Cabinetmaker is available to purchase from Amazon.

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