Mind Bender: A Psychological Thriller (The Adam Stanley Series Book 3) by Netta Newbound


Book Description:

Detective Inspector Adam Stanley returns to face his most challenging case yet. Someone is randomly killing ordinary Pinevale citizens. Each time DI Stanley gets close to the killer, the killer turns up dead—the next victim in someone’s crazy game.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend’s brother, Andrew, currently on remand for murder, escapes and kidnaps his own 11-year-old daughter. However, tragedy strikes, leaving the girl in grave danger.

Suffering a potentially fatal blow himself, how can DI Stanley possibly save anyone?

My Thoughts:

Mind Bender is the third book in the Adam Stanley series, I would strongly recommend reading the first two books in the series before reading this one.

Even though Adam and Frances have their work cut out trying to solve what appears to be random shootings, things in Adam’s personal life finally comes to a head.

Adam and Amanda are obviously mad about each other and the only thing stopping them from fully getting together is Amanda’s horrific past. Amanda can’t bear to tell Adam the full truth about her past as she knows due to Adam’s job he would have to report it. When little Mary is taken by Amanda’s brother Andrew, my heart was literally in my mouth. Finding her is literally a race against time and I couldn’t get through the pages quick enough to see what the outcome was.

The actual shootings that Adam and Frances are investigating had me totally baffled. I had no idea why these random people that seem to be just ordinary folk would drop everything and go and shoot what appears to be a total stranger to them. It is all very strange and even though things seem to become clearer, the author throws in another twist that I didn’t see coming.

Mind Bender felt very much like either the ending for the Adam Stanley series or for the books to maybe centre solely on Adams detective work due to the relationship between Adam and Amanda finally coming to a head. Either way I have very much enjoyed the three book in the series and having now read all of this authors novels will be waiting patiently for any new releases.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Mind Bender is available to purchase from Amazon.

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