The Insignificance of You by Tammy Robinson

The Insignifigance of You - Kindle - Final.cdr

Book Description:

“You’re thinking about kissing me,” he says perceptively.
“What?” I stammer, thrown. “No I’m not.”
“Aren’t you?”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Weird,” he says. “You had that look on your face.”
“What look?”
“The same one I feel when I look at you.”

After the death of her father when she was twelve years old, Skye Levene finds it easier to stick to her daily routine and keep her heart firmly closed against love. Without love, there is no possibility for hurt. At least so she thinks.

However, when she falls off the edge of a cliff and is saved by the mysterious Tai, routine goes out the window and suddenly she’s feeling things she never even knew were possible. Tai, fascinating, funny and sexy as hell, has his own burdens to bear, the reason why he’s camping out in the old abandoned lighthouse on the top of the cliff.

As snow falls and winter deepens, he introduces her to new experiences; card games, hot chocolate and the magic of stargazing. Most of all, he introduces her to love.

But when his past catches up with them, Skye is left wondering whether love is worth risking your heart for after all.

My Thoughts:

The Insignificance of You is very much a story of first love. It brings back being a teenager again and the intense feelings and emotions that you experience at that age.

Skye seems to be drifting through life, the loss of her father six years ago has had a deep impact on her and she is finding it hard to move on. When she meets the gorgeous and wonderful Tai, she has finally found a reason to enjoy living again.

Tai is probably the type of guy that every female young and old dreams of. Not only is he attractive but he is genuinely a nice person. He hasn’t had the easiest of pasts and due to his family life he thinks things would be easier if he doesn’t stick around.

Unlike a lot of girls Skye’s age, she actually has her head screwed on the right way. Even though she is very much wrapped up in her bubble of love with Tai, she still makes sure she has time for her best friend and makes sure she doesn’t get up to anything that she later regrets.

Skye certainly seems to be quite mature for her age, the relationship she has with her mother probably isn’t the same as most other teenage girls. We all know that mothers have their children’s best interests at heart but most typical teenagers would rebel against everything their parents say or would at least argue over not being allowed to do things, but Skye seems quite relaxed about her mothers opinions. You can tell that the loss that they have both suffered though has brought them even closer together and especially from Skye’s point of view she very much respects her mothers wishes.

The story does solely focus on Skye and Tai but Skye’s grandmother, Bubbles very much stood out to me and I loved her character.

If you haven’t read any novels yet by this author, you really need to. Within a matter of minutes of reading her books you just lose yourself into the story. The whole storyline, characters and emotions can make for quite an intense reading experience but one that you will love and feel better for reading.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


The Insignificance of You is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.

4 thoughts on “The Insignificance of You by Tammy Robinson”

    1. lol i think we just need to admit defeat and know that our TBR piles are never going to go down and that we will always add to them anyway. There are so many authors i have yet to read and probably wont get to them all but will be giving it a good go 🙂 x


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