The Skintaker by Frazer Lee


Book Description:

You have what he wants! Reclusive nineteen-year-old Rosie Shields hopes for a new lease of life that will free her from the stigma of her debilitating skin condition. Making a pilgrimage to the Amazon rainforest, Rosie experiences a new world beyond her wildest dreams among the mysterious Myahueneca tribe. But Rosie’s dreams soon turn to nightmares when she embarks on a ritual vision quest that takes her to the very heart of darkness. Trapped between murderous hunters and raging forest fires, Rosie will be thrust into a fight for survival, a struggle that awakens an ancient evil stirring in the shadows…the demonic deity known as The Skintaker.

My Thoughts:

Many thanks to Maxine from Booklover Catlady Publicity & Reviews and the author as I won an e copy of this novel in a give away on her Facebook page.

The Skintaker is essentially a horror novel but I have to admit that probably the first half of the novel felt more like a work of contemporary fiction and the second half was definitely horror.

Don’t get me wrong I did actually enjoy how the story starts off with the tragic fire that leaves Rosie’s parents dead and the journey she sets off on with her uncle and aunt on a pilgrimage to the Amazon rainforest, for me it just left me feeling slightly confused as to what genre the novel actually was. Obviously when I got to the second half I was in no doubt that it was a horror one.

For me this is where the story really started to pick up pace and got a whole lot more interesting.

Poor Rosie certainly hasn’t had it easy since the death of her parents. Even though she is getting to travel and see wonderful new things, she still has to put up with a strict aunt and a preacher for an uncle. The tribe that they discover on their travels on the surface is a joy of delight for Rosie and she enjoys discovering these new people and how they go about their day to day routines. Unfortunately deep in the woods there is something quite evil lurking there which causes chaos in the small tribal village.

The second half certainly gets a lot more scary, with some parts that really made me cringe as they were quite horrific. The author certainly manages to get the horror of what is happening to the victims across to the readers and some images were quite vivid in my mind.

Overall The Skintaker is an enjoyable read and would certainly read more by the author.

I have awarded this book 3.5/5 stars.

The Skintaker is available to purchase from Amazon

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