Twisted Justice: A combined investigation. DI Lorne Warner and DI Sally Parker (Justice series Book 13) by M.A.Comley


Book Description:

The next exciting instalment in the bestselling, award-winning Justice series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author M A Comley

When the local pathologist asks DI Lorne Warner and DS Katy Foster to attend the scene of an accidental explosion, it’s not long before the capable detectives find that the victim was murdered aboard his boat before the “accident” occurred.

Delving into the victim’s past leads Lorne across the county¬†border into Norfolk, where she calls upon her good friend DI Sally Parker to assist in the investigation.

What the joint team reveals about the victim’s extended family blows them away. Can Lorne and Sally find the crucial evidence in time to prevent the notorious family from carrying out their own twisted justice to sustain their wealth?

My Thoughts:

Twisted Justice is the thirteenth novel in the justice series.

Fans of this authors books are in for a real treat, as not only is Lorne back but she also partners up with DI Sally Parker who is in a new series of her own by the same author.

The dynamic duo get together to investigate the mysterious death of a man. Upon telling the victim’s wife, Lorne and Sally get a very bad feeling after meeting the mother in law, Claire Knight.

Claire Knights character is just brilliant. Right from the start she put the fear of god into me. She actually reminded me of some sort of mafia boss being the head of the family and having everyone do as she says.

I really don’t know how the author keeps coming up with such great story lines that consistently has me gripped from beginning to end, but she does.

Twisted Justice has a cracker of a storyline that is extremely fast paced in parts. I loved seeing two of my favourite fictional detectives working alongside each other in the fight against crime.

Many thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Twisted Justice is already available in a paperback but will be available for kindle on the 31st of December on Amazon.

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