Underlife by Marissa Farrar


Book Description:

Thomas Young has no idea where he comes from. Found living on the streets as a child and put into foster care, he always dreamed of having a family of his own. Now a grown man, he has his much longed for family, but his life is tinged with sadness. His son, David, has leukemia.

One night, as he’s driving home from the hospital, he hits a homeless man, Mack, with his car. Mack knows Tom from his childhood and tells Tom he was once part of London’s underground homeless and his son’s leukemia is not all it seems.

In a desperate bid to save his son’s life, Tom heads down into the miles of abandoned tubes lines and stations. But he quickly discovers something far more sinister waits for him than the giant rats, drug addicts and fast trains. There is also something dark and shadowy, and it wants out…

My Thoughts:

Underlife is a horror novel that is mainly set in the tunnels in London’s underground.

It is a very dark read that makes you question as a parent how far you would go to save your child.

Tom has grown up shutting out the period of his life from the age of seven and under. It isn’t long though after meeting Mack that he starts to remember the life he used to lead as a young child. Understandably it is one that many of us would want to put behind us but due to the people that live underground they think that Tom is the answer to all their problems.

The journey through the dark tunnels is a tense and at times disturbing read. The great thing with this authors books is that you could easily visualise her novels as a film and they would certainly make for some scary experiences. Will certainly have readers scared of what lurks in shadows!

Underlife starts off at quite a steady pace which turns into a race against time for Tom to save his sons life.

Another gripping and enjoyable read.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Underlife is available to purchase from Amazon.

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