Guest Post by author Ike Pius

Today I am delighted to welcome Ike Pius to my blog who has very kindly agreed to do a guest post for us. Ike is the author behind Paradise That Was and Bomber Boy: Rise Of The Underwear BomberSo over to Ike:

Hi everyone! I am happy to be here to talk about my story Bomber Boy:
Rise of the Underwear Bomber, or more accurately to show you what
reviewers have been saying about my book.

And that is exactly what we are going to do: we are going to highlight
a few reviews, but please note that these reviews are randomly
selected, and are not chosen to impress you the reader… too much.

So here we go!

Let’s start with a reviewing panel who call themselves the Review
Board. They say: Bomber Boy is a very sentimental story by Mr. Ike
Pius about a young man named Farouk Omar Muttab who has had a streak
of bad luck after his intended mission on a U.S. bound flight had gone

Farouk decides that blending in with the United States population is
the most prudent course of action. In doing so, he had some unexpected
company and things go on a bit of a roller coaster ride that climaxed
at the right moments.

With all that has occurred, it resulted in a finale that was somewhat
interesting. “Bomber Boy” is the sequel to the novel The Paradise That
Was. Reading the latter will tie in the prior for the reader. You may
read the full review by clicking this link:

Let us Check out another Review, This time by a reviewer from the
United Kingdom, named Graeme Roberts. He says Bomber Boy: The Rise of
The Underwear Bomber deals with the controversial subject of terrorism
in a mature and sensitive manner. He calls it an impressive short
story. continuing the good work of Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi
Adichie in reclaiming a culture too often misconstrued by western
discourse. You may read the full review here:

An  American Author and Reviewer who goes by the name of Hamburger Fry
says Bomber Boy is a gripping and fast paced suspense story! He
further says that Bomber Boy, is the tale of a young man caught up in
the war of, East versus West. Meet, Farouk Omar Muttab, he’s been sent
to kill the infidels aboard Northwestern airlines flight 253.  When
the bomb fails to go off and the airliner lands safely, Farouk has
some hard decisions to make. Take cover and hang on tight. Bomber Boy,
is about to blow you away!

Please Read the full review here

Phillip Gbormitah has high praise for this book, perhaps because he is
a fellow African. He says Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber is
a Must Read for everyone. He goes on to talk about the teeming crowd
of talented African authors who ‘rust’ away in obscurity. He thinks
Ike Pius has overcome the odds and is on his way to greatness.

Reviewer and Blogger Cheryl M-M says that Bomber Boy has a Promising
premise. In light of recent terrorist attacks in the last few months
and indeed in the last few decades the premise may seem a little
forward thinking. However the reality is even the terrorist has a
voice, and this story is looking at it from a perspective other than
that of the victims. You may read the full review by clicking here

Since we are on Sarah’s Blog, I think it is only right that we take
her review last. She says it is an ‘Enthralling Read,’ though she was
‘slightly let down by the ending .’ Her review continues below:

I don’t mind admitting I was a bit sceptical as to whether or not it
would be something I would be interested in reading but after reading
the description and some other reviews I thought I would give it a go.
There are parts of the book which I found to be quite humorous and
later on ironic. Even though terrorism is something certainly not
meant to be taken lightly I think the author is trying to give a
slightly different approach to the subject. Please checkout the full
review here:

So I hope I have been able to interest you into reading the book and
joining the Movement. If you are a reviewer, I cannot wait to read
what you have to say about the book.

I leave by saying a big Thank You to Sarah for having me!


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