The House of York by Terry Tyler


Book Description:

The House of York ~ a contemporary family drama, spanning the years 1993 – 2014.

Widowed single mum, Lisa Grey, and wealthy businessman, Elias York, are young and madly in love. A recipe for happiness? But Lisa is marrying into a complicated family. Her new sister-in-law doesn’t want to know her. Middle brother Gabriel’s marriage suffers under a cloud of infidelity and gambling debts, while the youngest, Richard, keeps his dark secrets well hidden—and his wife suffers in silence.

Lisa and her mother are bonded by their powerful intuition, but dare not voice their fears about York Towers—or certain members of the family…

Love and loss, abduction, incestuous desires and murderous intent form the basis of this compelling saga in which horrors float just beneath the surface, to bring forth a shocking outcome.

History lovers may be interested to know that The House of York is loosely based on events during the era of the Wars of the Roses.

My Thoughts:

The House of York is a family saga spanning over eleven years.

The story itself flicks between different characters over the years.

There are quite a lot of characters in the story and I have to admit to feeling a little lost at times until I got used to all the characters and who they were and how they fitted into the York family.

Lisa had to be my favourite character, she is probably the only character a long with her mother who, what you see is what you got. She is down to earth and is a genuinely loving and caring person. After meeting Elias, she tries her best to make an effort and fit in as best she can with his family. Unfortunately for Lisa she should have followed her gut feeling when she first arrives at York Towers as her first impression from that first visit, over the years ends up proving to be very true.

Everyone in the York family seems to either not be who they seem or have dark secrets they are hiding. There are certainly a couple of unsavoury characters which I won’t name so I don’t give anything away but my dislike for them just grew and grew.

The House of York is a great read for anyone that enjoys a good family drama that is fuelled with tragedy, lies and secrets.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The House of York is available to purchase from Amazon.

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