Author Interview with Robert Bryndza

I am absolutely delighted to be able to welcome author Robert Bryndza to my blog today. Robert’s first crime thriller, The Girl In The Ice, is due to be published on the 12th of February and is currently only 99p on Amazon to pre order. Having been lucky enough to have already read and reviewed it, it is one that without a doubt I would recommend and is already marked for one of my top reads for 2016.


Originally from the UK, Rob lives in Slovakia with his Slovak husband and their two crazy dogs. He originally trained as an actor, but was bitten by the writing bug in his mid-twenties and hasn’t looked back.

His debut novel, The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard became an Amazon bestseller, and has grown to a best selling series of five books.

In addition to his recent number one romantic comedy Miss Wrong and Mr Right, Rob is excited to embrace the darker side of life, and has just signed a three-book deal with Bookouture to write a crime thriller series. The first book, The Girl In The Ice will be released in Spring 2016.


Hi Robert, many thanks for joining me on my blog today. The Girl In The Ice is your first crime novel. Why did you decide to write a crime novel when your other books have all been romance?

Thanks for having me, it’s great to be here. I have always written drama, as well as romantic comedies, and I love doing both. I realised last year that if I wanted to do both I would have to take the plunge and go for it.

Did you have any concerns or worries over the readers who have loved your romance novels embracing your crime novel?

I’m not going to stop writing the romantic comedies, so I’ll just say that to begin with. I worry a little at first, but reading habits have changed so much since the advent of eBooks. It’s easier to be a more voracious reader and embrace different genres. I’ve also seen so many people writing reviews of my books, which start with ‘I really fancied something light after something dark and scary…’ So I’m hoping that they will fancy something dark and scary after something light and download The Girl In The Ice!

What sort of genres of books do read yourself and are there any crime series in particular that you have read or are enjoying?

I enjoy all genres, and read what ever I can lay my hands on. I love Angela Marson’s DI Kim Stone crime series, I’m also enjoying Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike series.

What, if any, research did you to for The Girl In The Ice?

I did lots of research, I always do with my books to try and make them as believable as possible. Although, I was worried sometimes what my husband would think looking at my macabre Google search history when I was preparing to write The Girl In The Ice!

Can you tell us how the whole storyline came about and did you know yourself who the murderer was going to be before you started writing or did you decide on the culprit whilst writing?

The whole storyline didn’t come at once. I just started with the image of a girl who had been killed and dumped in water which had frozen over, and then of someone scraping at the snow to see her face staring from underneath. I make a conscious choice not to decide who the culprit was during the first draft until I was at the very end.

You currently live in Slovakia, which seems to have been an influence in your book. Is there anything from the UK that you really miss and what are the best things about living in Slovakia?

It’s very strange, I don’t miss a great deal of things. I’m in constant contact with the UK, through friends and family online and by phone. I sometimes forget I am thousands of miles away. It would be nice to be able to pop over a bit quicker than getting on a plane. I also have my Slovak friends and family here. After living in so many places around the world, I’ve realised we all use the same shops, we eat similar foods, we watch the same TV shows… Saying that, I love living here and I love immersing myself in Slovak life. The pace of life is slower; the food in Slovakia is wonderful, as is the weather. Scorching hot summers and proper cold winters.

What do you do for fun and relaxation when you’re taking a break from writing?

I love to go hiking with my husband and our crazy little dogs. I’m a cinema addict, I love reading and cooking.

What is your current writing/work space like and if money were no object what would your dream office/writing space be like?

It’s either my bed, which is huge and very cosy. (Although, I can’t write in bed, it has to be nicely made, cushions plumped etc. before I can work). I also have a nice armchair by the window. I’m hoping to have an office in the future. It would be packed with comfy chairs and sofas with a nice view of the countryside.

If you weren’t a writer what other career or careers would you like to be able to do?

I sometimes miss being an actor. Although, not very often. I loved the acting part, particularly being on stage in front of a live audience, but I didn’t enjoy the life of an actor.

What’s your favourite novel and movie?

I can answer both questions with The Silence of The Lambs

I believe you trained to be an actor. If your novel was ever to be made into a movie would you consider acting in it yourself?

Yes, I would. Although, I don’t know which character I could be, perhaps someone who was brutally murdered. I’d quite like to be a dead body, the more gruesome the better. One of my past acting jobs was working at The London Dungeon. Every morning I was made up with fake blood and prosthetic cuts and bruises, and then I spent the day scaring the living daylights out of tourists. Japanese tourists in particular used to freak out quite spectacularly.

Lastly can you tell us what you are currently working on and when we can look forward to it coming out?

The next book in the DCI Erika Foster series. It’s called The Night Stalker, and it will be published later in the year.

Thanks again to Robert for agreeing to take part. If you would like to find out more about the author and his books, click here.

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  1. What a great interview, i am currently half way through The Girl in the Ice and I am a huge fan of Robert Bryndza already and hope there will be many more Erika Foster books in the future.

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