House Of Courtenay by Chris Tetreault-Blay


Book Description:

Step into a house, its history woven with fear and suffering, where three creepy tales await you.

In ‘Ummidia’ find out what happens when fear grows into obsession. The house’s namesake, Ryan Courtenay, descends into madness after smuggling an exotic pet home from the States.

Discover a fragment of the property’s twisted past and grisly present in ‘The Killing Floor’, as a group of teens choose to celebrate end-of-term in the worst possible way – by spending the night.

One of the group is fortunate enough to flee, but the house’s curse follows him. Join Gareth Miles as he journeys through foreign lands, eventually to the underworld itself. Along the way, he meets a man who offers him immortality – but for a price. Are you game enough to gamble with the ‘Trickerjack’?

An all-new release from the author of ‘The Wildermoor Apocalypse’ trilogy.

My Thoughts:

House Of Courtenay is a brilliant novel which is jam packed full of horror and scares!

The first story in the book, Ummidia, was enough to freak me out straight away. When it became apparent what sort of pet Ryan had smuggled back with him, it instantly made my skin crawl.

I’m not going to give away what type of animal it is but it’s one that I hate with a passion yet I was totally enthralled in the story. Certainly not a story I will forget in a hurry!

Another story sees a group of teens stay over night in an old haunted house which holds some very dark secrets. The horrors that lay in store for the teens was horrendously horrific. It certainly isn’t one for the faint hearted but for any hard core horror fans, they are going to devour it.

House Of Courtenay makes for a highly horrific but enjoyable reading experience. I think fans of Clive Barker will especially love this book.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

House Of Courtenay is available to purchase from Amazon.

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