Author Interview With Chris Tetreault-Blay

Today I am delighted to welcome author Chris Tetreault-Blay to my blog. I recently reviewed his latest book, House Of Courtenay, which you can see my review by clicking here.

Chris originally hailed from Basingstoke but moved to sunny Devon after graduating from Staffordshire University in 2005. He lives in Newton Abbot with his wife and twin children, and currently works as a logistics supervisor.

Welcome Chris and many thanks for joining me today. Firstly congratulations on your new book, House Of Courtenay, which is your second novel. Did you find the publication process easier second time around?

Thank you very much for having me. If anything, I would say that this time round the publication has been more fun, but not necessarily easier. House Of Courtenay is my first attempt at self-publishing which meant that I had to edit it myself and decide when it was ready to be released. I’m thankful to have had some great author friends who helped read over the individual stories and provide feedback; the book wouldn’t be as strong as it is without their help. But I also got to have the cover designed and decide how best to link the stories together etc.

Of course, the added creative control does come with its own stresses, but I have to say that seeing ‘House’ out there has been my proudest moment so far.

I loved House Of Courtenay, where did the inspiration come from for the book?


I think of it as an homage to all of my favourite types of horror film; the monster B-movie, the teens-stumble-across-a-creepy-house, the maniac under the floor etc.

The inspiration behind ‘Trickerjack’ was slightly different though, as it was born out of two of my favourite Chris De Burgh songs – ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’ and ‘Spanish Train’. I know he may not a popular music choice for a lot of people but his songs, particularly these two, often tell phenomenal stories. I knew I wanted to join the two ideas together into a ‘trip to the underworld’ tale but had no idea where it was going to go. Out of everything I have written, ‘Trickerjack’ has to be my most organic story.

The first story in the book, Ummidia, features one of my most hated creatures of all time. I’m sure like me, many of the readers have a fear of this particular insect. Do you also have a fear of them and if not do you have any other fears you can share with us?

Yes, I do have a fear of them (I’ll try not to give away what the creature is, for anyone who hasn’t yet read the book), pretty much ever since I was a child, which is why a lot of people who know me were surprised to find that I had managed to write about them.

One thing about my fear, however, is that I found myself becoming fascinated by the creature over the years. I guess ‘Ummidia’ is an extreme extension of that fear, imagining what would happen when the object itself becomes an obsession (which is where the similarities to myself end, I assure you!)

Your first book, Acolyte, is the first book in the Wildermoor series. Can I ask how it’s going with the second book and when we can look forward to it coming out?
The second book, ‘The Sowing Season’, is actually finished. The manuscript just needs some final tweaking, which I’m hoping to do over the next couple of months. I have also decided to step away from my publisher for this one and self-publish again. This was a massive decision for me but was all to do with timing; I felt that I needed to follow on from the momentum which started with ‘Acolyte’ and aim to release ‘Season’ at some point this summer..
What book are you currently reading at the moment?
‘Beautiful’ by Anita May Waller. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves psychological thrillers. I’m lucky enough to have had Anita’s help when putting together ‘House’ and she has also helped me edit ‘Sowing Season’. Anita’s book is so powerful and gripping, it’s little wonder why it has been storming the Amazon charts.
What was the last film you watched?

I think it was ‘Babadook’. A very creepy film, a pleasant surprise. Films have been put on the back-burner in our house at the moment as my wife and I are on a mission to watch the entire X-Files collection back-to-back…

Lastly, do you have any other stand alone or projects you are working on other than the second in the trilogy that you can tell us about?

At the moment, no. My main focus for the last few months has been working on ‘House’ and ‘Season’. Once ‘Season’ has been released, the only other project I have standing by is the concluding part of the Wildermoor trilogy. I have a few ideas that are bouncing around other than that but they may come to nothing. We will see.

Thanks again to Chris for a great Q&A. For more information about the author and his books, please click here. 

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