Beautiful by Anita Waller


Book Description:

“A remarkable debut that fills the void after Gone Girl… A very clever writer. All the makings of a best-seller” Betsy Reavley, author

“You’ll be left thinking about this book long after you finish it.” Florrie Palmer, author and songwriter

What happens when your innocence is taken away?

Amelia is a happy six years old. Then a chance encounter with a bad man, in the park changes everything.

Can she ever recover from the trauma in her childhood?

This is Amelia’s story. Follow her as she discovers that life, love and loss can be a killer. And sometimes revenge can be beautiful…

This is Anita Waller’s stunning debut.

My Thoughts:

To start with, due to the nature of the storyline, I did find this novel hard to read as it is quite upsetting.

Amelia is a beautiful and carefree six year old. She is the apple of her parents eye and is very much full of life. Her innocence is sadly ripped away from her after an horrific attack that changes her life for ever.

Reading the story of Amelia whilst she was growing up was quite heartbreaking. Her childhood has been ripped away from her and her parents have lost the happy little girl that they knew before the attack.

You could really feel the heartache and pain from Brenda and John’s point of view. Their daughter has understandably changed due to her ordeal. The relationship they once had with their daughter has sadly gone and they don’t know if they will ever get their little girl back.

Due to the attack, Amelia wants to be different from the girl she once was, she changes her name to Amy in the hope of distancing herself from the horrendous event that has changed her.

As Amy (Amelia) gets older the reader gets to see how much of an effect the attack has had on her. At times I just wanted to hold her tight and other times I wanted to give her a good slap.

There are so many lovely characters in this story and the immediate people in Amy’s life really want to help her and be there for her. Sadly Amy just seems to be on a mission of self destruct. She cant get over what has happened to her or forget abut the man that caused it all.

Beautiful is quite a haunting story that is steeped with sadness and heartbreak, with a shocking beginning and an even more shocking ending, this is a book not to be missed.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Beautiful is available to purchase from Amazon.

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