Edward Adrift by Craig Lancaster


Book Description:

It’s been a year of upheaval for Edward Stanton, a forty-two-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s lost his job. His trusted therapist has retired. His best friends have moved away. And even his nightly ritual of watching Dragnet reruns has been disrupted. All of this change has left Edward, who lives his life on a rigid schedule, completely flummoxed.

But when his friend Donna calls with news that her son Kyle is in trouble, Edward leaves his comfort zone in Billings, Montana, and drives to visit them in Boise, where he discovers Kyle has morphed from a sweet kid into a sullen adolescent. Inspired by dreams of the past, Edward goes against his routine and decides to drive to a small town in Colorado where he once spent a summer with his father—bringing Kyle along as his road trip companion. The two argue about football and music along the way, and amid their misadventures, they meet an eccentric motel owner who just might be the love of Edward’s sheltered life—if only he can let her.

The highly anticipated follow up to Craig Lancaster’s first novel, 600 Hours of Edward.

My Thoughts:

I first fell in love with Edwards character in 600 Hours of Edward, so had been dying to read Edward Adrift which we catch up with Edward again.

To truly get to know and understand Edward I would certainly recommend reading 600 Hours of Edward before reading Edward Adrift.

Edward Adrift certainly sees some big changes for Edward.

I was especially happy to catch up with Donna and her son Kyle. Unfortunately their move for a fresh start does not go quite as well as Donna had hoped. Kyle seems to be struggling to adjust to the move and seems to have changed quite a lot from the boy that used to help Edward paint his garage.

The road trip that Edward and Kyle seem to find themselves on brings about a few surprises in more ways than one. It certainly made for some emotional reading.

After reading 600 Hours of Edward I had actually hoped that some sort of romance would blossom between Edward and Donna but in a way I’m glad it didn’t as Edward meets a new love interest in Sheila. Sheila could not be more perfect for Edward, though unfortunately for Edward and Sheila, Edwards mother does not seem to agree.

Edward Adrift is every bit as endearing and heart warming as 600 Hours of Edward. You can’t help but get attached to Edward as he is such an interesting and wonderful character. I just hope that the author will catch up again with him some time in the not so distant future.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Edward Adrift is available to purchase from Amazon.

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