The Attic Room: A psychological thriller by Linda Huber


Book Description:

A father’s secret… a mother’s lie… a family mystery.
An unexpected phone call – and Nina’s life takes a disturbing twist. Who is John Moore? And how does he know her name?
Nina travels south to see the house she inherited, but sinister letters arrive and she finds herself in the middle of a police investigation. With her identity called into question, Nina uncovers a shocking crime. But what, exactly, happened in the attic room, all those years ago? The answer could lie close to home.
The arrival of her ten-year-old daughter compounds Nina’s problems, but her tormentor strikes before she can react. Searching for the truth about the Moore family puts both Nina and her child into grave danger.

A fast-moving, chilling suspense novel by the author of The Cold Cold Sea and The Paradise Trees.

My Thoughts:

The Attic Room is the second book that I have read by this author and have got to say I loved them both.

The story flicks between Nina in the present day and Claire, Nina’s mother, in the past.

Getting an unexpected phone call telling you that you had inherited a house would probably be a nice surprise for most of us but unfortunately this is not the case for Nina. The house as well as the man that has left it to her reveals some shocking and horrific secrets.

You can feel the tension building throughout the story. It is certainly a dark read. Some of the secrets that are revealed I found to be heartbreaking and quite upsetting but it is very paramount for the whole storyline.

All the way through I was trying to work out who could be behind the blackmailing so was suspicious of all of the characters. As usual I totally guessed wrong.

Another great read from an author who seems to be getting a name for herself for writing exceptionally good dark and disturbing psychological thrillers.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Attic Room is available to purchase from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “The Attic Room: A psychological thriller by Linda Huber”

  1. I have The Cold Cold Sea, and another one I bought from Amazon in a sale or Daily Deal. Between you and Cleo both loving her books, I know I’m on a surefire winner! I’ll just have to find the time to squeeze one in – I’ll probably read The Cold Cold Sea first, as I’ve had it longest. Great review, Sarah!

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