The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry


Book Description:

A spellbinding tale of love, loss and long-buried secrets from the Sunday Times bestselling author. If you loved spending A Week in Paris with Rachel Hore or taking the Last Voyage of the Valentina with Santa Montefiore, you will adore this unforgettable novel.

Everyone remembers their first kiss. But what about the last?

1961. Journalist Rosamund Bailey is ready to change the world. When she meets explorer and man about town Dominic Blake, she realises she has found the love of her life. Just as happiness is in their grasp, the worst happens, and their future is snatched away.

2014. Deep in the vaults of a museum, archivist Abby Gordon stumbles upon a breathtaking find. A faded photograph of a man saying goodbye to the woman he loves. Looking for a way to escape her own heartache, Abby becomes obsessed with the story, little realising that behind the image frozen in time lies a secret altogether more extraordinary.

My Thoughts:

The Last Kiss Goodbye is a lovely story that I easily lost myself into.

Abby is a great character and through her work in the museum and the discovery of an old photograph, the reader is transported backwards and forwards to the past and present day.

I very much enjoyed being taken back to the 1960’s and learning more about the man in the photograph and was as intrigued as Abby at his disappearance.

Abby is a lovely character who throws herself into her work to try and take her mind off her personal life. She is surrounded by good friends, though tracking down information to do with the photograph has her putting all her time and effort into the mission and leaving little time for anything else.

The whole story is steeped in mystery and intrigue. It is very much a story of true love and how it never dies.

Will certainly be reading more books by the author.

Many thanks to Bookbridge and Headline for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Last Kiss Goodbye is available to purchase from Amazon.

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