Vince And Joy By Lisa Jewell


Book Description:

Remember having sex for the very first time?

Remember thinking: this is The One?

Remember life getting in the way…?

Remember wondering: what happened to the person I once was?

And what happened to the person I first fell in love with?

For Vince and Joy, finding your destiny is easy.

Following it, isn’t…

From teenage love in an eighties holiday park to flatshares, relationships, career crises and children, Vince & Joy is the unforgettable story of two lives lived separately but forever entwined; and asks the question: how do you know when something is really meant to be?

My Thoughts:

Vince and Joy is very much a story of your first love. In a way it reminded me of the film Sliding Doors, apart from unfortunately for Vince and Joy there is no parallel life.

From their first meeting, Vince and Joy look set to having a promising relationship. Unfortunately something happens and Joy disappears in the middle of the night. Joy leaves a note for Vince but due to the rain, Vince can’t make out what it says. From this point in, Vince and Joy seem to make thoughtless decisions when it comes to future relationships. They seem to just settle for second best and it is obvious that it is going to end in disaster.

I really loved both Vince and Joy. They are not perfect, they are human. They make mistakes but they pick themselves up and dust themselves down. I didn’t know if fate was being unkind to them having them bump into each other only for them to go off on their own way again. I felt very much like Bella in the story and wanted to knock their heads together so they would wake up from the stupor they seemed to be in.

Reading about how both of them met and the whole array of feelings they had for each other brings so many feelings and memories back for the reader of their first love. I mean do we ever truly forget our first love? Every now and again don’t we think of them and wonder what they are doing, if they have met someone else and are they happy? A first love can have such an impact on our lives and the author has created a heart warming story with lovely characters that gives readers hope that if true love is meant to be, regardless of time and distance, if two people are meant to be together then at some point in their lives it will happen.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Vince And Joy is available to purchase from Amazon.

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