The Trouble With Goats And Sheep by Joanna Cannon


Book Description:

England, 1976.

Mrs Creasy is missing and The Avenue is alive with whispers. As the summer shimmers endlessly on, ten-year-olds Grace and Tilly decide to take matters into their own hands.

And as the cul-de-sac starts giving up its secrets, the amateur detectives will find much more than they imagined…

My Thoughts:

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is a lovely story that I actually found quite nostalgic.

The story is set in 1976. It finds two girls, Grace and Tilly, who, on the brink of the school holidays are already bored and trying to think of something to occupy them whilst off school.

Mrs Creasy who goes missing around the same time is the ideal distraction for the girls and an opportunity to become amateur sleuths.

This for me is where the nostalgia kicked in. Remembering the lazy warm summer school holidays that seemed to go on for ever. Me and my friends even set up some sort of detective club, though unfortunately for us our neighbours were pretty boring and we soon gave up on that idea!

I have to say though I was left very intrigued as to why a woman would just up and leave and seemingly disappear into thin air. Grace and Tilly think the answer to it all is to find God. As he knows everything he is the perfect person to track down and find out the answers that all the neighbours as well as the girls seem to be asking themselves.

The whole story is actually really sweet and quite humorous in parts. Grace is very much the leader and Tilly the follower. At first I wasn’t to sure about the girls friendship but it doesn’t take long to realise what a lovely bond the girls have and how much Grace does actually care about Tilly. In parts it really did tug on my heartstrings.

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep really is a lovely story and definitely worth a read.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Scribner for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Trouble With Goats And Sheep is available to purchase from Amazon.

6 thoughts on “The Trouble With Goats And Sheep by Joanna Cannon”

  1. I’ve got a NetGalley copy – I did laugh when you mentioned you’d set up a crime club, as we did too – obviously overdosed on Enid Blyton/Malcolm Saville/Tintin (he and Snowy were v popular in our school – there were 3 in my class; 28 in the whole primary school, divided into two classes. Normally you moved up to the big class in P5 but we were moved up in P4 as the three of us were all quite bright!) 1976 was the notoriously hot summer, but I didn’t start school til the next year. I’m looking forward to this as much for the nostalgia factor as the fact it’s a good read.

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