Wear Bright Colours For Me By Thea Hartley


Book Description:

Have you lived before? Could you be a reincarnation of someone – yourself – from a time gone past?

Reincarnation, is a belief which is centuries old and the central tenet of many religions. This is a tale about its possibilities.

Amy and Luke meet and are separated in various lives. Each time they feel a connection, some may call them “Soul Mates”.

Other people also turn up in life after life, in different roles. One man in particular always comes between our two ‘lovers’. He cursed them in a life many centuries ago, and part of their ‘journey’ is to get rid of the bad karma he wished upon them.

However, mothers, fathers , friends, enemies and siblings also appear in different guises in each life, working out their own personal Karmic journeys.

The story starts in contemporary times and travels back and forth through four previous lives at crucial points. It then returns to ‘now’ when our hero and heroine reach a critical stage in their life.

Will the ‘soul mates’ finally be together? How can they discover their karmic destiny? What will happen to the other people in all these various lives? Where will their karmic journeys take them?

Read ‘Wear Bright Colours For Me’ to discover the answers…

My Thoughts:

Wear Bright Colours For Me is very much a story of reincarnation and second chances.

Amy and Luke are only three when they meet. I would say for the first time but they have actually met many times but as different people in different centuries.

The actual story goes back and forth between present day where we see Amy and Luke growing up to the times where they previously meet in their past lives.

As a reader I very much enjoyed being transported to different time scales which have always fascinated me. The first time the main two characters meet is in Roman times. The author manages to describe the surroundings and the way of life just how I would envision it from seeing films and programmes set in the same time in history.

Due to the curse set upon Amy and Luke, they never seem to quite manage their happy ending that they so desperately seek as there is always one person that gets in the way to stop it from happening.

The author weaves such a wondrous tale, so much so that the world around me seemed to stop whilst I was totally enthralled by her story telling.

Wear Bright Colours For Me had me feeling a mixture of hope and despair as I so wanted the two characters to finally overcome the curse and have their happy ever after. This really is a lovely book and one I would certainly recommend.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Wear Bright Colours For Me is available to purchase from Amazon.

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