Timothy Other: The Boy Who Climbed Marzipan Mountain by L. Sydney Abel

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Book Description:

Timothy Other’s birthplace has always been a mystery. 12 year-old Timothy lives at the Dreams and Hopes Orphanage where he was abandoned as an anonymous infant. Timothy’s world crumbles when the orphanage is repossessed by the bank and comes under the strict rule of the horrid Mr. Sterner and the scaly-skinned Ms. ‘Fishy’ Finn. He escapes the Dreams and Hopes Orphanage and travels to the bizarre world of Marzipan Mountain, where he befriends some amazing creatures. Timothy seeks to discover his true origins and becomes embroiled in a matter of life and death, facing the evil forces that crave the secret of ‘Golden Life’.

My Thoughts:

Timothy Other: The Boy Who Climbed Marzipan Mountain is very much a children/young adults book but can also easily be enjoyed by adults also.

Dreams and Hopes is an orphanage where children are named by where they are found or what they are found in. To start with the homely and lovely orphanage is ran by Mr Penny who is the one that names all the children. Unfortunately for some children the names they are given are ones that you would certainly never give anyone. Timothy is quite lucky though as his name came from a box where the only letters visible were Timothy Other. Believe me, compared to some of the other orphans, his is a very normal name!

Unfortunately after Mr Penny’s death, there is a big change around in staff and where once there were lovely mother figures there are now battle axes that have little or no regard to the children that they are supposedly looking after. Timothy decides to run away when an opportunity arises to get out and that’s when all the adventures begin.

This is very much a story of escapism. It actually reminded me a lot of Lewis Carolls, Alice in Wonderland. Timothy’s adventure to Marzipan Mountain had me wishing that a porthole would miraculously open and transport me to Timothy and his new friends. It certainly is a wonderful book to get yourself lost into.

It has a whole array of characters, some nice and some definitely not so nice but yet some characters did take me by surprise as my opinions of them did change.

If you love a story full of adventure and fantasy then this is the ideal book for you.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Timothy Other: The Boy Who Climbed Marzipan Mountain is available to purchase from Amazon.

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