The Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson


Book Description:

Weekend wife n. 1 a wife whose husband works away and only comes home at the weekends. 2 a wife who misses her husband when he’s gone, but wants him gone when he’s at home.

Emily’s vision of country life was building dens with the children, walking a glossy hound and cosy nights in by the fire. But her kids are more interested in their smartphones, the family dog has ‘issues’ and she’s permanently freezing. And when husband Matt is home, he still seems worryingly distant.

Sasha and her husband Ned used to have a great connection, but nowadays the only connection between them is via Skype. And when a woman from Ned’s past comes with news that threatens the perfect life she’s built for her children, Sasha feels further from her husband than ever before.

Tamsin’s husband might be away during the week, but he’s never truly gone. He seems to know her every move, which is fine, sort of – until her first love reappears in the most mysterious of ways…

My Thoughts:

The Weekend Wives is a lovely story of three very different women.

Emily, Tamsin and Sasha are all married yet have very different life styles. Even though they are all married, they don’t seem to be overly happy about it. They seem to just be existing and what ever passion that they may have once had, seems to be lacking in the present.

Each woman seems to be having issues within their own family home and through the women getting together it helps them become clearer about what they want from their lives and their husbands.

I really enjoyed reading about all the women but I did find myself drawn to Emily more. I think it’s because there seems to be more humour surrounding Emily. The parts with her and the much loved/hated family pet, Rafa were an absolute joy to read. I could easily imagine the dog through the authors descriptions and I just found him even more endearing the further into the story I got.

The Weekend Wives is a light hearted, yet at times, thought provoking read. It certainly lightened up my weekend reading and would certainly read more books by this author.

Many thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Weekend Wives is available to purchase from Amazon now on Kindle and the 30th of June in paperback.

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