Between You And Me By Lisa Hall

Today I am delighted to be the next stop on the Between You And Me blog tour. 


Book Description:

They say every marriage has its secrets.
But no one sees what happens behind closed doors.
And sometimes those doors should never be opened …

Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other. But they aren’t happy. Sal cannot leave, no matter what Charlie does – no matter how much it hurts.


My Thoughts:

I didn’t think any novel could top the OMG moment in I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, well not only did Lisa Hall’s fabulous debut do that, it totally knocked me sideways!

Between You and Me is a story of domestic violence. The story flicks between Sal and Charlie so the reader gets inside the head of not only the person suffering the abuse but also the person who is doing the abusing.

The whole storyline certainly makes for a dark read due to the nature of the story. Sal, you can’t help but have great empathy for. Staying at home with their daughter Maggie and making a home for them all, Sal basically lives on the edge, never knowing what sort of mood Charlie will be in when they finish work. With Charlie even though the reader gets into their head and sees what they are thinking, it still doesn’t make what they are doing any easier to read. It is obvious that Charlie has a lot of issues but I still disliked them throughout the story.

Even with a gripping start to the story, I had absolutely no idea to the humongous shock that was in store for me. I literally nearly fell off my chair as I was so taken back. I was like a mad woman possessed. I was tapping back and forth on my kindle as my brain could not comprehend what I had just read.

It really is hard to believe that this novel is the authors debut novel. It is literally brilliant! Definitely one to watch out for and will be in my top 2016 reads.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Carina UK for an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Between You And Me is out today and you can grab a copy from Amazon.

You can follow Lisa by liking her author page on Facebook by clicking here.

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