Heartman by M.P. Wright


Book Description:

Bristol, 1965. Joseph Tremaine “JT” Ellington, an ex-cop with a tragic past and a broken heart, has left his native Barbados in search of a better life in the Mother Country. But Bristol in the Sixties is far from the Promised Land and JT faces hostility from both the weather and the people.

Then local mogul Earl Linney approaches him. He needs JT’s help finding Stella Hopkins, a young deaf and mute West Indian woman who has gone missing, and who the police aren’t interested in searching for. With rent due, and no job, JT has little option than to accept.

Calling on his wits and not-so-honest cousin Vic for help, JT soon finds himself adrift in a murky world of prostitution and kidnapping where every lead reveals more mystery and nobody can be trusted. What is Linney’s connection to the girl? Have more women gone missing? And what exactly is the Erotica Negro Club?

Facing hostility and prejudice as well as the demons from home he thought he’d escaped, JT must unravel a deadly conspiracy in a dangerous and unfamiliar world.

My Thoughts:

Heartman is the first in the series following ex copper Joseph Tremaine Ellington.

Joseph has had a lot of heart ache in his life. Having had to leave the country which has been his home for many years, he finds himself in Bristol, jobless and on the verge of being made homeless.

Doing some private investigating is not something that Joseph really wants to do but having no money he has little choice.

As Joseph delves into the disappearance of Stella, the whole story starts to get a whole  lot darker.

It’s obvious that certain people would rather he didn’t stick his nose into certain matters and the people that talk to Joseph seem to have a habit of turning up dead.

Heartman is a novel that gently drew me into it and before to long I found myself hooked. Joseph is a great character. Not only does he have to live with a personal loss, he also has to live in a world where prejudices were unfortunately a very common occurrence.

I have to say I loved the relationship between Joseph and his landlady. It’s very obvious from the start that she is not happy about him living there. I have to say though as the story goes on, not only does the reader really warm to him, so does his very frosty landlady.

With a few shocks and surprises in store, I found Heartman to be a really enjoyable read. Can’t wait to read more in the series.

Many thanks to the author and Black and White Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Heartman is available to purchase from Amazon.

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