The Hangman’s Hitch by Donna Maria McCarthy


Book Description:

If on some cold, dark despairing eve, you found yourself without God and devoid of hope, would you take the hand of the Devil? Would you do so wittingly? And if you found yourself there why was you questioning it all?
This is a tale of a man, a devil and a journey took to hell itself. Set in 18c England’s South West counties with all the decadence and flamboyancy of a very liberal time. A perfect place for this tale of devilment, comedy and tragedy to set seed and flourish.

My Thoughts:

The Hangmans Hitch is the authors debut novel.
Set in the eighteenth century it certainly adds to the darkness and mystery of the whole storyline.
Freddy (Frederick) is quite a weak character. He quite happily goes off on a journey with a man (Joseph) who he knows nothing about. Where as Freddy is obviously easily led and weak, Joseph is the very opposite. He is a strong character with a purpose in his life. The unlikely friendship that the pair seem to strike up is a very strange one indeed.
The whole story very much has an air of mystery and suspense around it. It certainly isn’t your typical horror story which I have to admit was probably what I was expecting. It actually reminded me of Sleepy Hollow though more intriguing and less gore. There is certainly an underlying sense of humour through out the story which I think adds to the appeal of this novel.
The author certainly knows how to draw you into the story and keep you there. With an ending that I think was very fitting to the whole story, I think The Hangmans Hitch ticks all the boxes for a great debut.
Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.
The Hangman’s Hitch is due to be published on the 8th of April in paperback and will be available to purchase from Amazon.

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