Last Kiss Goodnight by Teresa Driscoll


Book Description:

I stroked the top of my baby’s head and whispered to him gently that I would find a way. I will not let them take you…

Once upon a time Kate’s life was full of love and smiles and laughter. A time where she dared to dream and hope. But then her perfect family unit is shattered in the most unthinkable way. And now Kate is silently and steadily falling apart.

When she meets Martha, Kate recognizes a kindred spirit. Martha is searching for a lost love; tragedy has touched her life too. Why are they so inexplicably drawn to one another? And why are they both keeping secrets about their pasts?

As Kate and Martha are forced to face the painful memories they’d each locked away, can they save each other and learn to live again?

A beautifully written story full of emotion, hope and the redeeming power of love and friendship. Perfect for fans of Diane Chamberlain, Amanda Prowse and Rowan Coleman.

My Thoughts:

Kate and Martha are two very different woman, yet both have something in common which seems to draw them both together.

The bond that these two women have is very touching. To start with I thought Martha was like a guardian angel brought into Kate’s life, helping her at a time when she is at her lowest. It soon becomes obvious though that Martha has her own history of sadness and loss and the two women become a strength of support for each other.

Last Kiss Goodnight is a story that takes you gently by the hand and leads you down a heart warming but emotional path. It is very much a story of friendship and the undying love between a mother and her child. The whole story just flows wonderfully and is beautifully written.

Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Netgally and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Last Kiss Goodbye is due out on the 25th of March, you can pre order a copy from Amazon.

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