Conflicted Innocence by Netta Newbound


Book Description:

Geraldine and baby Grace arrive in Nottingham to begin their new life with author James Dunn.

Lee Barnes, James’ best friend and neighbour, is awaiting the imminent release of his wife, Lydia, who has served six years for infanticide. But he’s not as prepared as he thought. In a last ditch effort to make things as perfect as possible his already troubled life takes a nose dive.

Geraldine and James combine their wits to investigate several historical, unsolved murders for James’ latest book. James is impressed by her keen eye and instincts. However, because of her inability to keep her mouth shut, Geri, once again, finds herself the target of a crazed and vengeful killer.

My Thoughts:

Conflicted Innocence is the second book in the Crime Files series. I wouldn’t say it is essential to have read the first book but as some of the characters are in both books it will probably be better to read in order if possible.

We catch up with Geraldine (Geri) and James who are embarking on their new lives with baby Grace. Geri is quite nervous about the move as unlike James, she doesn’t know the area or people so is feeling slightly lonely. Before to long she has a new friend in Lydia.

Lee, Lydia’s husband is probably James’ closest friend. Lee has so much on his plate having had to deal with the loss of his son and then have his wife go to prison. He really is such a nice guy but unfortunately all his good intentions seem to go wrong.

I have to say Conflicted Innocence is very much a murder mystery with Geri and James who are not only investigating old murder cases, they seem to manage to get caught up into a whirl wind of wrong doings in the present also.

I’m very much used to this author’s books holding big shocks and surprises in them. As I had worked one particular incident out, certain revelations weren’t quite as surprising but to be honest I’m not to sure if they were supposed to and it certainly wasn’t an issue as I was that wrapped up with it all that I even shed a few tears at the end as the characters had really gotten to me.

Yet another highly enjoyable read by one of my favourite authors.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Conflicted Innocence is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.

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