Perfect People by Peter James


Book Description:

Perfect People is a compelling and thought-provoking thriller from bestselling author Peter James.

John and Naomi Klaesson are grieving the death of their four-year-old son from a rare genetic disorder. They desperately want another child, but when they find out they are both carriers of a rogue gene, they realize the odds of their next child contracting the disease are high.

Then they hear about geneticist Doctor Leo Dettore. He has methods that can spare them the heartache of ever losing another child to any disease – even if his methods cost more than they can afford.

His clinic is where their nightmare begins.

They should have realized that something was wrong when they saw the list. Choices of eye colour, hair, sporting abilities. They can literally design their child. Now it’s too late to turn back. Naomi is pregnant, and already something is badly wrong . . .

My Thoughts:

I have read a couple of books by this author which I absolutely loved, so was very much looking forward to reading this one

To start with I have to admit I did find it a bit slow going but once I started getting into it, I was well and truly gripped.

As a parent I could fully empathise with John and Naomi. To lose a child has got to be one of the worst things in life possible. So to get the chance to have another baby that can be guaranteed to have none of the illnesses that can be passed on in the genes from the parents, well who wouldn’t take it?

The author has created a story that is extremely thought provoking. Scientists have come so far and designer babies is something that is probably very possible if not already. I certainly don’t agree with people playing god and dictating what a human being is going to be like but the thought of also putting a stop to illnesses that leave devastation in its trail is a very positive part of it.

Having a child should be some of the happiest times in a parents lives, but for one, John and Naomi are still trying to recover from the fact that even though they only wanted one child they have twins, also they have to get used to the fact that Phoebe and Luke are unlike any other child of their age.

Perfect People after the slow start is one that literally had me on my seat. Not only does John and Naomi have to learn to cope with being parents to two highly intelligent twins, they are also living in fear as there are people out there who are very much against what they have done.

This is one story that I won’t forget in a hurry. It would also make a brilliant film. John and Naomi’s story is one that will really pull on your heart strings and I found it quite an emotional read towards the end.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Perfect People is available to purchase from Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Perfect People by Peter James”

  1. Yaaayyyyy I read this book when it first came out, unfortunately it was be for I started posting my reviews, fab review by the way. I think I have found the ONE book I got to before you SarahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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