Pariah by David Jackson


Book Description:


Introducing Detective Callum Doyle, in David Jackson’s gripping and acclaimed debut novel

Where can you turn when your very presence brings death to those around you?

That’s the question Detective Callum Doyle is about to face. It begins with the calculated murder of his partner on a vacant lot. But more death is to follow, and when the chilling anonymous messages arrive, Doyle is left in no doubt that this is about him.

You cannot go near your friends, your colleagues, or even your family. Because if you do… they will be killed.

To save others, Doyle is forced to cut himself off from society. But with the investigation getting nowhere and his isolation becoming unbearable, Doyle has to ask himself how much he’s willing to sacrifice to get his life back.

My Thoughts:

I actually read Cry Baby which is the fourth in this series first. I loved it that much that I had to start from the beginning.

David Jackson is without a doubt one of my new favourite authors. This is the third of his books I have read within the space of a couple of weeks and I have absolutely loved every one of them. In fact his books should come with a warning sign saying ‘highly addictive’ on them as believe me, when you start his books you don’t want to stop.

Pariah is the first book in the Detective Callum Doyle series. Cal’s (Callum) work life isn’t going great but it starts to get a lot worse when cops start turning up dead and it all seems to be related to him.

I took to Cal straight away in Cry Baby even though I knew little about him. Reading Pariah, I was even more taken by him. He is put in an horrendous position where he must keep away from everyone he knows or take the risk of losing them and believe me, whoever the culprit is, is extremely serious.

There are so many jaw dropping moments in this novel. My heart was literally racing in quite a few places. As with everyone of his books, I was gripped from beginning to end.

This certainly isn’t a read for the more faint hearted readers out there as there is some bits that really made me cringe, as what happens to some of the victims is pretty horrific to say the least!

Pariah is one fast paced read that takes you on one scary and exhilarating journey. Be warned though as I defy anyone to be able to stop at just one of this authors novels.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Pariah is available to purchase from Amazon.

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