Beelzebelle by Heide Goody & Iain Grant


Book Description:

To the devil a daughter!
Parenthood can come as a shock to some. It’s especially shocking if you are Satan, the Prince of Hell, and are trying to live a quiet life of semi-retirement in suburban England under the name of Jeremy Clovenhoof.
Clovenhoof quickly finds that being a single parent involves more than lullabies and nappies and has to contend with social disapproval, paternity tests and, possibly, the end of the world.
The fifth novel in the Clovenhoof series, Beelzebelle is an anarchic adventure, featuring a psychotic monkey au pair, runaway coffins, badly stuffed animals, strip dominoes, fire-breathing ferrets, pimped-up prams, well-meaning middle-class mums, apocalyptic floods, the largest act of public nudity Birmingham has ever seen and way too much homebrew Lambrini.

My Thoughts:

Beelzebelle, as stated in the description, is the fifth novel in the Clovenhoof series. This is a great series but to get full enjoyment out of this book I would recommend reading Clovenhoof first before reading this one. Clovenhoof is the first novel in the series and our introduction to the brilliant characters. It is also hilariously funny and one not to be missed.

The authors have created a series of books to do with everything heavenly and hell. Some of the other books in the series don’t have these characters in them and even though still good, I have to admit that the books with Jeremy Clovenhoof, Ben and Nerys in, are without a doubt my absolute favourites.

This is one devil that you can’t help but love. He is a total thorn in the side to poor Ben and Nerys and, well basically to everyone he meets. He has no thought of anyone else but himself, yet funnily enough you won’t be able to get enough of this Lambrini drinking and Findus Crispy Pancake eating swine.

In this novel Jeremy manages to be left babysitting a baby. Anyone who knows Jeremy just knows what a disaster this is going be.Through his babysitting he becomes involved in the mothers group SCUM. Yes I know, you would think they would realise when creating a group that the first letter of each word of the group isn’t the most pleasant of words.

The authors have created yet another laugh out loud story that is extremely entertaining. There are so many funny parts in the novel. The characters are just wonderful and you can’t help but take every one of them into your hearts.

A truly heart warming and endearing read that will have you laughing your socks off!

Many thanks to TBC (THE Book Club on Facebook) and the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Beelzebelle is due to be published on the 14th of April, you can pre order a copy on Amazon.

Also many thanks to Heide and Iain for the mention in the acknowledgements. Was a very pleasant surprise to see my name there.



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