The Doppelgänger: A Psychological Thriller by P. Wish


Book Description:

They say when you meet somebody that looks just like you, you die.

And Darcy just did.

Darcy Godfrey lives a seemingly normal life as a librarian in Chicago. One day, she comes across a blog that is filled with accounts of her past. The blogger, known as ‘D’, seems to know everything about her life- even things that Darcy cannot remember.

Things begin to go wrong when the her nemesis is murdered, making her a suspect. Now, Darcy must find the person behind the blog before it’s too late.

My Thoughts:

As a blogger who has a blog, the description for this novel grabbed my attention straight away.

The start of the story itself started off very promising and had my attention straight away.

Darcy is quite a complicated character. From the start of the novel we know she has been through a bad experience, but, we don’t fully know what actually happened. This is slowly revealed to the reader throughout the story. She is obviously a very troubled woman who is trying to move on with her life but is struggling to let go of the past.

After finding a blog on the internet that tells people the details of Darcy’s past, Darcy’s world is thrown into turmoil.

Apart from Darcy whose role is very prominent, all the other characters were very much in the background which wouldn’t have been an issue but unfortunately after a while I did get kind of bored with Darcy and didn’t find what was happening to her to be as thrilling as I was hoping.

I was interested in Michael and Brian and would have liked to have read more of their background and for them to feature slightly more in it. Obviously this is just my opinion but I think it would have made the story more engaging.

The Doppelganger is quite an intriguing read. I think it is definitely of a psychological genre as it is one that toys with the readers mind but I would say it is more of a suspense than an actual thriller. The actual Doppelganger storyline where people who see their own Doppelganger die, I thought was a great idea but don’t think the author used it to it’s full potential to turn the story into more of a thriller.

Overall The Doppelganger is an enjoyable read but unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Goodreads rating 3/5 stars.

The Doppelganger is available to purchase from Amazon.

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