The Changing Room: A British Comedy of Love, Loss and Laughter by Jane Turley

Book Description:

“Today, I am in the changing room of my life and tomorrow, win or lose, I’ll move forward a stronger and wiser woman.” Sandy Lovett’s confused mother and chaotic life are having an effect on her waistline. She knows she needs to change her life but doesn’t know how until she buys a risquE dress which sets in motion a sequence of life-changing events. After years as a mother, carer and full-time employee, Sandy quits her job and places her mother in a care home, and life seems on the up. But disaster is never far away for the hapless Sandy as her mother’s obsessions continue to wreak havoc and her husband’s business begins to fail. Short of cash and needing a flexible job, Sandy joins a sex-chat service. At The Beaver Club Sandy discovers a talent for selling telephone sex – a skill she later regrets when she meets unscrupulous local politician and prospective MP, Trewin Thackeray. The Changing Room is a comedy-drama for all those whose glass is half-full. Preferably with gin and a big fat cherry!

The Changing Room contains book club discussion points and an author Q and A.

My Thoughts:

I received a copy of this book through a giveaway over on Goodreads.

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of this author before but the description of the novel sounded really good so it was one that I was definitely interested in.

From the cover alone I knew this was going to be an enjoyable read.

Sandy is such a great character that is someone readers can totally relate to. She is a wife, a mother, she works and she also has to take care of her own mother who has Alzheimer’s. She really has a lot on her plate and makes the sad decision to leave work to go part time else where so she can spend more time looking after her mother.

Sandy’s mother is a wonderful character, she doesn’t hold back and even though Alzheimer’s is certainly no laughing matter, the author manages to bring light relief to this horrible disease. Even though her mother can be a total pain in the backside at times and quite hurtful in not holding back with the truth, there is still very much a special bond between mother and daughter and at times it does make for an emotional read.

The Changing Room is one of those novels that will have you laughing out loud. Sandy’s new job in the sex chat industry is hilarious and I certainly don’t think I could stuff a turkey in the same light after reading this book!

The Changing Room is a wonderfully light hearted read that is funny, sweet and a tad emotional. Can’t recommend it enough.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Changing Room is available to purchase from Amazon.

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