Coal House by W.S Barton


Book Description:

When property developer Finn Harper impulsively decides to make an investment with his wife whilst away together in North Wales for their anniversary, it seems an opportunity almost too good to be true. But as the disturbing truth of the home’s abandonment unravels itself, Finn finds himself alone, and a martyr of the local community. He must confront some personal demons, forcing him to consider what, or even who, is real.

My Thoughts:

Coal House is a story that for full impact, is best read on your own and if reading on a kindle, in the dark.

Finn and Clara are a couple whose marriage seems to have started to get stuck in a rut. Whilst in North Wales on a romantic getaway they fall in love with a house which they then go on to get in an auction for a bargain price.

It soon becomes apparent the reason for the cheap price as Finn starts to see and hear things.

Through the villagers Finn starts to find out the background of the house and the people that lived there. You can feel the fear that is building inside of Finn as he realises just what he has taken on with the house.

Coal House seems to leave a trail of sadness and devastation in it’s wake. It holds certain secrets that come as much of a shock to the reader as it does to Finn.

The house certainly is nowhere near the forever happy family home that Finn and Clara envision. Even though new to the village, the locals seem to take to Finn, which when tragedy strikes it sends Finn into turmoil.

Coal House is a horror story that gently draws you in and though not one of the most scariest I have ever read it certainly is quite chilling.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Coal House is available to purchase from Amazon.

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