Riot Score by Simon Maltman



Riot Score booklet.

New e-book that mixes a noir crime story with new original street photography. The photographs were taken during a riot in Belfast and the noir story intersects with it.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit that Riot Score is a totally different type of review for me. I am used to reading and reviewing novels, novellas and short stories so to be asked to read and review a booklet which essentially is a short story at only 18 pages, but also is accompanied by photographs was a new one for me and my blog.

Riot Score as stated in the description is a noir crime story about a gang of men who carry out a robbery. It shows us how the relationship between the men breaks down quite rapidly which leads to dramatic consequences.

The photographs by Claire Chandler certainly makes the story more vivid and more dramatic. I actually have a kindle paperwhite which I don’t think does the story and pictures justice and I ended up reading it on my computer where it really brought it all to life.

Over all I think Riot Score is a great read and shows a lot of potential as to what we can expect from the author in the future. My only issue I have with the story is the ending. It just seemed to me to be to abrupt. I am a stickler for a proper ending and have to admit how it ended did spoil it for me as I was really getting into the story and was enjoying Blake’s character in particular. Other than that though I really enjoyed it and I hope that the author carries on and maybe turn his hand to a longer novel in the future.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

You can get a copy of Riot Score for £1.99 by clicking here.

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