Dead Is Best (Charlie & Rose Investigate Book 2) by Jo Perry


Book Description:

“A wonderful, original, hilarious and brilliant book. I really enjoyed it. I think you’ll like it very much indeed… A must read.” Eric Idle

Charlie and Rose are back in their much anticipated new adventure.

Charlie’s step daughter lies dying on a beach. She needs help. Some serious help. But how did she get there and what can on earth can a dead guy and his dead dog do?

Plenty as it turns out.

As Charlie & Rose ride to the rescue in their own unique way it soon becomes clear that the body on the beach was only the beginning….

My Thoughts:

Dead is Best is the second book in the Charlie and Rose Investigate series. I think it reads well as a stand alone though highly recommend reading Dead Is Better as well, mainly because it’s also a great book.

The Charlie and Rose Investigates series is so different to any other crime books out there. Each chapter has a short quote to do with death as well as the chapters being very short which has you reading it in no time as there’s always that one more chapter before you put it down, then the next thing, your at the end!

The story unfolds gently and slowly which I loved as believe me I just wanted to savour every word I was reading as I didn’t want to get to the end as that’s how much I love these books.

You can very much feel the surprise as well as not being overly happy to see his step daughter Cali when she briefly turns up in his and Rose’s world.

Cali is your typical teen, she is totally against any parental control and likes to push boundaries and is a bit of a nightmare. Charlie and Cali obviously never really got on when he was living and now Charlie finds himself in a position to either leave her to get on with her messed up life or to keep an eye on her.

Luckily for Cali, Charlie and Rose stay with her, which is good as they seem to be the only ones that have her best interests at heart.

When Cali finds herself being forced into some sort of rehabilitation centre, it actually very much reminded me of the film Holes, though think the kids in the film got treated way better than the children where Cali is.

It felt like there was a moral to this story and that with a guiding hand we can all do good and positive things with our lives.

A great series and can’t recommend highly enough.

Many thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Dead Is Best is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.

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