Three (Detective Alec Ramsay Series Book 7) by Conrad Jones


Book Description:
The Major Investigation Team are called to an abandoned mill when an ambitious reporter stumbles upon more than she bargained for. The investigation uncovers the most evil of criminal networks and it becomes clear that absolutely no one is safe from its wrath…

My Thoughts:

I think the cover of Three gives the reader a good indication of just how dark a read this novel is as well as the horrors that await us in it. It maybe a crime novel but wow, the author certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to the brutality of the crimes.

Even though this is the seventh in the series it does read really well as a stand alone but as it’s a great series I highly recommend reading them all.

The start of the novel only gives a snippet of what a great read is in store for the readers. I don’t think the reader as well as the major investigation team realise the turn of events that happen after Toni, a reporter, calls in a crime in an abandoned mill after Mike, her photographer gets captured.

Everything just seems to spiral out of control from this point.

The criminals behind the operation that Toni witnessed are really not ones you want to mess with and the police start to realise just how much they have their work cut out trying to catch these guys and prove their guilt.

The whole story had me on the edge of my seat and gripped from start to finish. It certainly had more than it’s fair share of chills and thrills that I would expect from a crime novel and I happily devoured it all.

Three really is a dark and intense read. It’s crime at it’s best that pushes Annie and Alec to their limits, and has Annie especially, questioning everything about her life.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Three is available to purchase from Amazon.


      1. i know, i felt a bit bad with this being not long out and didnt know when i would get to it if i tried to fit the other three in first but i agree i seem to be reading alot out of sequence x

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