Behind Dead Eyes by Howard Linskey ***Blog Tour***

I am delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for the brilliant Behind Dead Eyes. For my stop you can read my thoughts on the book and I also have a guest post by the author so make sure you read right to the bottom 🙂


Book Description:


A corpse is found: its identity extinguished in the most shocking manner imaginable.
Detective Ian Bradshaw can’t catch the killer if no one can ID the victim. Out there, somewhere, a missing young woman may hold the answers.


Journalist Helen Norton is about to uncover a massive criminal conspiracy. She just needs the final piece of the puzzle. Soon, she will learn the price of the truth.


True-crime writer Tom Carney receives letters from a convicted murderer who insists he is innocent. His argument is persuasive – but psychopaths are often said to be charming…


My Thoughts:

Behind Dead Eyes is the second book in a series that follows three main characters. It actually works really well as a stand alone but as I love No Name Lane, the first in the series, I highly recommend reading them both.

Helen, seemed more in the back ground in the first novel but she is very much at the front of things this time. Unfortunately uncovering stories and the truth seems to come at a price and even though she is trying to put a brave face on things, you can tell she also feels very vulnerable and scared.

Tom and Ian, I loved catching back up with. Their respect for each other seems to have grown and all three characters seem to be quite a force to be reckoned with.

The author has come up yet again with a great storyline that had me hooked from beginning to end. I love how it is all woven together and I had no clue as to who was behind the murder as well as the conspiracy. I was kept guessing until the author decided to reveal it to me.

This really is a great series that works so well. I love that it has three main characters that all have different careers which crime ties them all together. It opens up the series to endless exciting possibilities that make me eager to read more. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Jenny at Penguin Random House UK for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Behind Dead Eyes is due to be published on the 19th of May and is available to pre order from Amazon.



5 Things that aid my writing process

Howard Linskey

The library: I visit my local library every day but rarely have time to read. Instead I work on the latest book. I used to do this at home but found half a morning could vanish by the time I’d finished breakfast, read the paper then messed around on social media. Typically, I’d then panic and try to crash through as many words as possible before the school run. Then we got a puppy. Bonnie is adorable but all she wants to do when I am around is play, so I’ve effectively been driven out of my own house. Welwyn Garden City library is the perfect place for me to work. The first floor has lots of desk space with individual power points, so I will always run out of juice before my lap top does. When that happens I can return home to endless games of ‘fetch’ with the dog.

Coffee or wine: More than one late writing session has been powered by a glass or two of vino. After a twelve hour working day, most sane people are settling down to watch TV or heading for an early night. Sugar and alcohol helped me write my first three novels. A glass of wine and a few squares of Green & Black’s finest and I’d be lumbering onwards again like one of the Zombies in ‘The Walking Dead’.  I gave up the day job a while back and now have one of those capsule machines, which produces a cup of concentrated coffee that’s the closest thing to mainlining caffeine I could find. A couple of cups from that and I’m ready to go into battle once more.

Energy: A sleepless night or hangover can severely dampen my creativity. I’ve read countless stories about alcoholic authors from days gone by and wonder how the hell they managed it. Whenever I attend a big author gathering or launch event I know in advance I can virtually write-off the next day.

The trusty lap top: My lap top is knackered and a bit obsolete, so I can completely identify with it. Years ago I wrote with a pen on sheets of A4 then typed up the words afterwards onto whatever technology was available to me; a typewriter then rudimentary word processors that belong in museums. More recently I’ve tried mini tablets with tiny keyboards attached to them but I can never reach the speeds I need when I am really on a roll. The lap top is just right for me. I can pop my Toshiba into a rucksack and head wherever the mood takes me. Usually it’s the library, often a café and, towards the end of the week, if I really feel I’ve earned it, maybe even the pub.
Momentum is probably the most important thing when I am writing so I track my words. I divide the approximate length of my book (usually around 120,000 words) by the number of days I have left before my deadline. This gives me the average daily word count needed to finish on time. I then aim to write around twice or even three times that amount every morning, so I can arrive at my destination early then spend several weeks editing the hell out of that first draft to turn it into something vaguely readable. I open that file every morning and view the previous day’s word count.


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