Invisible by Barbara Copperthwaite


Book Description:

There’s one victim of crime no one notices.
Something is wrong. With her marriage, with her husband, with her. But as she pours her heart out to her diary, it’s clear she doesn’t know what.
Until one explosive night she finds a possible answer.
Suddenly hated and vilified by everyone, she clings to her relationship – even while wondering if she really knows her husband at all…
INVISIBLE is a stunningly powerful, gripping and original psychological thriller of subtle insight that takes you on a twisted journey through one woman’s marriage.

My Thoughts:

Now it is hard to know what to actually say about this book without giving to much away. Even after reading the blurb, I for one would never have guessed exactly what the storyline was going to be fully about and I have to say it took me by surprise.

The story is told to the reader through entries into a diary page. We never actually find out the name of the woman whose diary it is, yet we are taken on a nightmare journey alongside her and I felt by the end like I knew her inside and out.

A diary is a very personal possession, so I felt very privileged to be able to fully understand what was going on in the main characters head as without knowing I don’t think I would probably have had any empathy for her and would have struggled to understand her actions.

At first I have to admit I thought she was quite naive and stupid but when I sat back and thought about it, if I was in the same position as her, would I be able to switch my feelings on and off so easily? The answer is as much as I may like to think I could I don’t think many of us would find it that easy.

I enjoyed seeing how weak and naive she is at the start and how slowly she revolves into a much stronger and wiser person.

Invisible is a quietly brilliant novel. The fact that the storyline was quite unexpected made it even more enjoyable. Loved it.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Invisible is available to purchase from Amazon.

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