Jammed Up: a Debt Goes Bad novella by Steven Hayward


Book Description:

Loyalty. Betrayal. Injustice.

A rudeboy never forgets. It’s been ten long years and ‘Jam’ has been working his way through a list of men who tormented his best-friend, Jabba. Now there’s only one name left to cross off…

When he takes an easy lookout job for criminal entrepreneur, Herbert Long, he knows something’s not quite right. Knock-off gear and bent coppers have never been his bag, but the money’s good and he doesn’t want to live with his aunt forever. All he has to do is get down to the depot, watch a handover and report back what he sees. Little does he know what he’s getting himself and Jabba in to.

He’s not the only one nervous about the deal, DI Terence Pinner needs this to go off smoothly to settle a debt that has him enslaved to South London gangster Raymond Riggs. But with so many people involved and serious money at stake, things get messy very quickly.

Out of his depth and up against an organised criminal gang, Jam has to learn fast to stay alive. But if there’s one thing that keeps him going, it’s thoughts of sweet revenge…

My Thoughts:

Jammed Up is a novella of the gangster genre.

I have to admit that I find novels with gangster storyline’s slightly hard to stomach if there is a lot of violence in them but luckily for me, even if there is some violence in it, there wasn’t enough to put me off reading more.

At 200 pages it isn’t a short novella so you still get plenty of story for your money and I didn’t feel short changed at the end of it, which sometimes I end up feeling with some novellas as I feel like it has either been rushed or there is not enough back ground for me to get to know the characters enough. Luckily the author has it all covered and has written a well rounded story that left me feeling fulfilled.

There are quite a few characters though the main one seemed to be Jam. Jam is very distinctive due to his accent which I did find slightly annoying as I kept trying to read it in a different accent in my head if that makes sense and it just didn’t sound right. Even though he is on the wrong side of the law, you can’t help liking him as he is quite a character but one that has a big heart.

I also liked Herb (Herbert), he is one of those characters that has an air of suspense around them and I was instantly drawn to his character as I was intrigued as to exactly who he is and wanted to know more.

Jammed Up is an enjoyable read with characters I would like to see more of.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Jammed Up: a Debt Goes Bad novella is available to purchase from Amazon.


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