White Lilies (D.I. Dylan Book 3) By R C Bridgestock


Book Description:

Two separate fatal road accidents killing three people are a cause for concern. Then the body of an elderly lady is found in her home, with a cause for suspicious death. A newly promoted Detective Sergeant arrives but she is not as much an asset as a distraction. In different locations, two girls are brutally attacked and it is thought the events might be linked but how is not clear. One or two local rogues could be responsible and are prime suspects. Arrests are to be made when a brutal attack on the occupants of the flat is discovered. One person is dead with horrific injuries and another is fighting for life. Work once again is dictating Dylan’s life and a heavily pregnant Jen is sidelined. A young boy is stabbed and an elderly lady is taken hostage at knifepoint in a subway. Dylan is called to take charge. Whilst Dylan is confronted by a madman, Jen goes into labour alone and collapses unconscious. Both are life threatening situations that need a quick resolution, and once again Dylan is spinning numerous plates at once.

My Thoughts:

The D I Dylan series is a crime series that just seems to go from strength to strength.

The authors seem to bring together the perfect mixture of crime, police procedure as well as giving readers more insight into victims of crime as well as what it is like for members of the police force.

It felt very much like I was on duty with Dylan and his team, joining in on the lighter hearted moments, bringing normality to their day, as well as the darker side of how their work can affect them when they have to deal with victims of some pretty horrific crimes.

This is the second time that the authors have made me cry and it seems to be becoming a habit. I just can’t help but get wrapped up in the cases and one of the hit and runs affected me quite deeply and I like how the authors don’t shy away from how it makes the officers dealing with it feel.

I don’t know why but Dawn has been one of my favourite characters through out this series even though she doesn’t play that big a part in them. Suffering from Post Natal Depression she certainly isn’t the bubbly full of life character that we are normally used to but it is great to see the support she gets from her husband as well as Dylan and the police force.

White Lilies covers yet more shocking crimes that are sadly in the news every day. Dylan certainly has it even tougher with a new work colleague who seems to have taken a shine to him. What with a baby on the way as well as trying to solve crimes, he certainly has a lot on his plate, yet nothing seems to phase him.

Yet another gripping book in the series and can’t recommend highly enough for readers looking for a more realistic crime series to sink their teeth into.

Many thanks to the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

White Lilies (D.I. Dylan Book 3) is available to purchase from Amazon.


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